Learn how to tie a hijab

Hijab is a traditional headthe dress of women of Islam. But more often you can see in European countries women who prefer to wear handkerchiefs that are tied in an oriental manner. It is noteworthy that if you know how to tie a hijab, it will give your image some kind of piquancy. For the hijab, a handkerchief or cloth of rectangular or square shape is usually used.

Preparing for tying

How to tie a hijab

Hijab on head fastened with pinsso that one part covers the hair, the other - the shoulders, and the rest of it freely fluttered in the wind. If you are wondering how to tie a hijab, you will undoubtedly find it as interesting to learn how to make hair for this. Initially, pull the hair into a bundle, which must be secured with hairpins. At the top of the tied beam, put on a special cap. After that, put a hat on your hat that will cover your ears (bandage or hair band). After that, you can already tie a hijab.

How beautiful to tie a hijab

Ways how to tie a hijab in our time is notand a little. This is the real art of reincarnation of a simple kerchief into something fascinating, beautiful, integral, but preserving the chastity of a woman of the East. This is the only opportunity to somehow decorate, isolate yourself. We want to describe only some of the most common methods.

First option

Throw a handkerchief on your head, from the back, hit himunder a bunch of hair. As a result, the 2 ends of the hijab will be visible from the front. The end that is shorter, twist and tie around the part protruding at the back of the head. Put the long end on the chest and wrap around the head, ending at the back.

How to tie a hijab

The second option

Before you tie the hijab, on the wide sideBend the handkerchief to 6 cm. Tie a handkerchief to your head, fasten the pin with a pin. Cross, and then spread the ends of the kerchief to the sides. On the right, bring the end forward, on the left, twist it into a bundle. On top of the resulting bundle, smoothly circle the head, fasten the end of the pin to the opposite side. Next, take the free end of the hijab and, closing the pin holding the tourniquet, straighten it, and then cover the neck from left to right. Secure the end of the handkerchief with a pin.


Take a rectangular handkerchief of a large size. Make sure that the fabric is not slipping. But if you want to use, for example, a scarf made of silk, you must first put a hat on your head. Wide part of the hijab is located in the center of the head, after which the free ends are thrown back through each other and lead forward. Hold one leading edge, pull the other and fold with tape. This part wrap around the head and fill the edge of the turban on the back of the head. The same thing should be done with the second end of the hijab, which you held before.

How beautiful to tie a hijabThe fourth option is how to tie a hijab

Put on the hat and put the hijab on your head. At the back, kill him with a pin, placing his longest part on his chest. A short part of the scarf is to be worn on the left shoulder. Pin the end of the stole with a pin. Wrap the long end around the head. Evenly arrange the tissue on the shoulders and chest.

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