Latest news about Olga Buzova: scandals, intrigues, investigations

It does not take a week for Olga Buzova not to appear in the secular chronicles. Her persona is interested in not only the yellow press, but also quite decent edition. Such a rush is only partially due to the mega-popularity of the star. Often, Olga herself provokes gossip and speculation, and then she herself is offended by them, while trying to prove ineptly. So, the latest news about Olga Buzova.

Buzova and Batrudinov

The beginning of this year was marked by talking about the novel of the TV host and showman. The two stars were united by a scandal: Olga was offended at the Comedy Club, and Timur, as a true gentleman, stood up for the defenseless beautiful lady. After that, everything started spinning and on. The peak of intrigue happened in Thailand: the joint rest of the two “lovers” was vividly captured in the romantic photos immediately posted on the social network. Happy couple? Hardly. Romance and love quickly went out, as soon as the stars returned to their native Moscow.Another insult to Olga from Andrey Skorokhod (Timur’s friend and Comedy Club colleague) simply did not notice the ardent gentleman. And Timur himself admitted that now he practically does not communicate with Olga. True, the explanation is rather weak - a tight schedule.

  • buzova and batrutdinov
  • buzova and batrutdinov
  • buzova and batrutdinov

That is how the story of failed love ended quietly. Olga haipanula once again, because “the star must shine”. Participation in this Timur is explained easily: the young man suddenly became bored, so the bachelor decided to unwind. Latest news for today about Buzova and Batrudinov: Olga did not even respond to the subtle hint-mockery from a former admirer. Batrudinov, congratulating Garik Kharlamov on his birthday, wrote on Instagram: “Now, now there are problems with B, I’m calling you again” (author’s style of writing).

Buzova and Gritsenko

Olga Buzova was not accustomed to live quietly, and now on the stage of her life a new card was played - Roman Gritsenko, who long sighs for an enviable bachelor. The young handsome is always on the screens, thanks to “Domu-2”. You can watch the progress of events online. A great option, isn't it? A flurry of emotions: passionate confessions and the challenge of Batrudinov to fight, a trip to the Seychelles, bouts of jealousy on both sides, fights on a TV project.As a result, a kind and sociable guy turned into a narcissus, whom the good half of “those who build love” hates. Latest news for today about Buzova and Gritsenko: Romana was called the “naked” king, and the reason for all is leading Olga.

Buzova and Tarasov

Although the divorce in the family of Buzovy-Tarasovs occurred back in 2016, so far this couple has not stopped teasing each other. And here is an excellent reason - the news that the former husband of Buzova, Tarasov, will soon become a father. Beautiful daughter Nastya Kostenko and midfielder of Lokomotiv Dmitry Tarasov finally had a daughter Angelina. The touching video from the maternity hospital immediately became public knowledge and became one in a row of “details” that finished off his ex-wife. That Tarasov with Kostenko in the same resort and is photographed in the same position as with Buzova, then gives the same perfume ... And now another blow to the former. Olga's zero reaction to Tarasov's jubilation surprised many. However, few people know that the image of the unfortunate "brooch" brought the singer's career to new horizons, Buzova's earnings increased from 4 million to 13! So what is Olga busy with, and who won more from a divorce? The answer is clear.Well, Dmitry, it seems, it will be very difficult to get rid of the stigma of the “former Buzova”.

Tarasov and daughter

Accident: who is injured? Buzova

The end of July and again the news about Buzovoy: a truck flew into the celebrity Mercedes at the Moscow Ring Road. In some places flashed the news that Olga was injured. True fans have ceased to sleep, worrying about the health of their idol. However, in the accident in 2018, only the car of Olga Buzova suffered, the star itself was intact and unharmed. Since the accident was triggered by a wagon, a well-known beauty will receive insurance for the damage caused to her “iron horse”, and, possibly, compensation for the experienced fear.

buzova crash

Olga Buzova’s life can be compared to a volcanic eruption. There was news about the purchase of a star bakery (what does it all have to do with the actual production?). And here again there was a thunder out of the blue: due to the transfer of the “Doma-2” site, Buzova went to the hospital, she is not getting better. Something suggests that the "victim" will end well. Meanwhile, the star's earnings are growing all the time (only in the second half of 2017, advertising on Instagram earned her almost 48 million rubles) and overtook the income of Ksenia Borodina (44 million) and Ksenia Sobchak (total 22 million).Olga will definitely not stop at this: there are uncharted peaks ahead, and the TV presenter will have enough imagination to get to them.

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