Laser show at Palace Square 2018

The laser show at the Palace Square 2018 is a truly spectacular sight that can surprise and leave the most unforgettable impressions in the soul of everyone who has seen it at least once. That is why, by the New Year, not only thousands of Russians, but also numerous tourists from near and far abroad, are striving to get to the Northern Capital.

Laser show at Palace Square 2018


What is the laser show in St. Petersburg?

Laser show at Palace Square 2018

Today, almost every inhabitant of our planet has been heard about the “magic” properties of the laser. However, not everyone knows that it is used not only for scientific and military purposes. Based on the laser beam, a unique technology was created that is successfully used in the field of mass entertainment.

St. Petersburg is one of the first cities in Russia where the New Year's laser show was organized, which the residents and guests of the Northern capital liked so much that since then it has become an integral part of the New Year holidays.

This event is a grand event that takes place in the very center of the city - on Palace Square on the eve of the New Year. Colorful laser installations are projected on the magnificent facades of historic buildings, creating a unique, enchanting atmosphere that enraptures not only children, but also adults.

The venue of the event was not chosen by chance. The organizers of the Laser Show in the person of the local mayor's office argued their decision by the following factors:

  1. The convenient location of the square allows you to visit the show for everyone:
  2. Dimensional historic buildings contribute to the creation of the most voluminous installations;
  3. The scale of the area ensures a perfect overview from any distance.

Event program

Laser show at Palace Square in 2018

The practice of holding this event has 5 years. During this time, hundreds of thousands of residents and guests of St. Petersburg have been able to see and appreciate it. As a rule, an entertainment show program consists of a demonstration of thematic images on the facades of the General Staff building and other historic buildings located on Palace Square.The multimedia laser presentation is accompanied by popular New Year's melodies and songs from Soviet films that awaken the audience in a real festive mood.

The program is organized by Aeroflot and the city administration of St. Petersburg, which in 2018 promise to surprise the audience with a new grandiose show.

Demonstration of laser installations is limited to the evening time of the day, so the schedule of representations is made taking into account this factor.


Laser show at Palace Square in 2018

Anyone wishing to witness a unique New Year program at Palace Square will be able to enjoy the show on the following days:

  • December 31, 2017;
  • 1 andJanuary 22018;
  • 6th January2018 (on Christmas night).

The beginning of the multimedia laser show is scheduled at 18:00 Moscow time.

In addition to the main program, during the demonstration of light installations, those present will be able to see colorful costumed miniatures with the participation of professional actors and creative teams from different cities of Russia.

It is worth recalling that the organizers of the project prepared for the audience a few pleasant surprises, which to keep the intrigue kept in the strictest confidence.

The laser show at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg is the brightest event of the coming New Year holidays, which is worth a visit for those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of this fantastic celebration and get a charge of positive emotions for the whole coming year.

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