2017 year of the rooster

Land Rover Discovery 5 2017 was spotted on the roads

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

Land Rover Discovery 4 today is still the preferred vehicle that provides the driver and passengers high comfort, both on the highway and on rough terrain. However, its technical characteristics with each new year produce less and less impressions. In this regard, the issue of updating the car is becoming increasingly important.

A new, fifth generation will be released very soon.Land Rover Discovery 5 2017 model year. The car has already been developed, experimental samples have been fabricated, which have already begun to travel on public roads. Of course, the people began to notice the novelty and take the first pictures and upload them to the Internet.

The conceptual version of Discovery Vision was presented in 2014 to a greater extent in order to satisfy the public’s curiosity about how the bodywork will turn out, since the appearance of the production model will be almost copied from the concept car.

The car looks just huge, more elegant, which suggests the idea of ​​grandiose updates and gives you more hope for the development of a truly avant-gardecrossover status - "premium".

The appearance of the car

Land Rover Discovery 5 crossover photo

It is hard to say how fresh the design of one of the most famous English luxury SUVs is to inspire the acquisition of loyal fans of the brand, but you can safely say that the Discovery 5 in a new look will increase the manufacturer’s customer base, adding new brand-like people who like the improved The fresh exterior of the aggressive urban crossover with all-road roots.

But the main distinguishing feature, due to which the profile part of this English car was always recognizable by everyone - the “stepped” roof, the designers did not set anything in it to change.

In the pictures, the car is completely camouflaged, but in spite of this, in the shape of the future Land Rover Discovery 5, the outlines of the Vision Concept, first presented at the end of 2014, can be seen.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Apparently, the novelty will lose sharp corners, which will replace the streamlined smooth lines, and the bend on the roof - branded "chip" model, the fifth version will be slightly lower.

In general, the exterior of the car will be similar to its younger brother Discovery Sport with a characteristic glazing and rear pillar, as well as with attractive headlights, calling on the side of the car.

Specifications and equipment of the car

All new will also be equipped with a proprietary system Terrain Land Rover, which reconfigures the parameters of the car depending on the surface option, in addition, the car, apparently, will receive several completely new improvements and integrated systems.

For example, there is an opinion about a laser machine that will scan the terrain and adjust the suspension based on the information received, adjusting it for more productive work. Land Rover 5 will use such a monocoque of aluminum, which is mounted on the latest Range Rover.

Land Rover Discovery 5 Crossover

The newest line of power units INGENIUM will appear under the hood of this car. In the same place emergence of hybrid installation in which the electric motor and the two-liter power unit will be applied is possible. More efficient engines and reduced weight will allow this car to more economically consume fuel, electrical energy, and energy from the combustion of fuel.

The Land Rover model range suffered from its far from modern entertainment and information systems, the problem could not be solved even on the fresh Range Rover, as well as on the new product, Discovery Sport.

The question of whether the new Discovery will be equipped with a new system has not yet been resolved, but the other is clear; the car will receive a laser screen that will project a high-quality image onto the windshield.

BMW i8 Spyder Concept

Previously, we managed to get acquainted with the remote control through the phone on the model Range Rover Sport, Discovery 5 2017 will be equipped with the same function. This modern system is very similar to the one used in the BMW 7 Series.

The concept is the carrier of a truly amazing function, the “transparent hood”, which creates a projection of a picture of a roadbed or the surrounding world directly under the hood lid, and which will be very useful for off-road driving. Official information with regards to the fact that this system will be implemented on the serial version has not yet been, but the chances are quite high.

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