Kurban Bayram in 2017

Eid al-Adha is one of the greatest Muslim holidays that every Muslim especially honors. This celebration is also known as Eid al-Adha, which means “celebration of the sacrifice.”

It marks the highest unity of the faithful with Allah, symbolizes the strength of their faith and is the culmination of the sacred Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca. On this holiday, it is customary to sacrifice to Allah, which symbolizes spiritual unity with the Almighty.

Kurban-bairam is marked on the 10th of the month of Zul-Hija, and the celebration itself lasts three days. Since Muslims use the lunar calendar, the date of the holiday shifts every year. Kurban-bairam in 2017 begins on September 1.

The story of Kurban Bayram

The main holiday of Muslims, Kurban-bairam, is associated with the events described in the Quran. According to legend, the prophet Ibrahim saw in a dream the angel Jebrail, who gave him the order of Allah to sacrifice his son. At first Ibrahim did not believe his vision, but it was repeated several times, after which he, being a deeply religious man, decided to submit to the will of the Most High.

The Prophet took his son to the place of sacrifice - to the valley of Mina, where Mecca is today. In the Quran, the name of the son Ibrahim is not called, but in the legends the eldest son Ismail is always mentioned. According to the legend, on the way the prophet tempted Shaitan, and the family of Ibrahim even threw stones at him, but he did not disobey the will of Allah.

When Ibrahim arrived at the indicated place and was ready to make a sacrifice, the Most High did not allow him to kill his son, replacing the latter with a lamb.

What kurban bayram 2017

Ibrahim stood the test of Allah and proved the strength of his faith, for which he was rewarded with the birth of another son Ishaq. Since then, Muslims annually sacrifice animals, most often sheep, to the Almighty, and this holiday was called Kurban-bairam. The ritual slaughter symbolizes the steadfastness of faith and spiritual appeal to Allah.

The sacrifice should complete the pilgrimage to Mecca, however, since far from all Muslims have the opportunity to make a hajj, it is carried out on Kurban-bayram in all countries where followers of Allah live.

As noted by Eid al-Adha

Kurban-bairam is the most significant and important holiday for Muslims, so they carefully prepare for it and try to strictly observe all the traditions of its celebration.So, preparing for the holiday, it is necessary to withstand a ten-day fast and do a general cleaning in the house.

The celebration itself begins at sunrise. On this day, all Muslims should completely wash their bodies, put on new clean clothes and go to the mosque for namaz. At the same time, it is impossible to eat before the morning prayer. After the namaz, Muslims go home and then go back to the mosque, where the mullah (priest) will read the sermon.

Kurban Bayram traditions

During the sermon, the preacher praises Allah, tells the story of Kubran-bairam and its significance for all Muslims. After the sermon, people go to the cemetery where they pray for their deceased relatives. The culmination of the celebration is the ritual slaughter of the animal.

The Almighty is allowed to sacrifice lambs, cows, camels or other hoofed animals. According to tradition, if funds allow, the family produces one goat or a sheep for one person, or one camel or a cow for no more than seven people.

However, if the family budget is limited, you can donate one sheep for all its members. You can also sacrifice for the deceased, if he bequeathed it.At the same time, not every animal is suitable for sacrificing - only healthy individuals are considered suitable, no more than a year old, with no external flaws.

For the slaughter of the cattle put on the ground so that his head was turned to Mecca. It is believed that when the lamb is cut, then Allah blesses it. Meat of a sacrificial animal is decided to feed not only his family, but also the poor and needy.

Thus, the lamb is divided into three parts: a third is left to the owner, a third is used to treat the poor neighbors, and another third is distributed as a charity to those who ask. Sacred meat can be presented as a gift, but it cannot be sold or paid for by them. In addition, the meat remaining after the holiday, can no longer be used.

What is cooked on Kurban-bairam

Kurban-bairam 2017 as celebrating

It is customary to demonstrate generosity and hospitality at Kurban-Bayram, so on this day Muslims invite guests and prepare the most delicious dishes for the meal. To decorate the table, the hostesses use the best tablecloths and dishes, and also try to decorate each treat.

For this holiday traditionally prepared dishes from the sacrificial animal, including: soup from the legs,lamb heads and bones, roast meat with a side dish of rice or beans, liver and heart dishes, as well as manti, barbecue, pilaf. In addition, on the festive table must be a lot of sweets and traditional desserts.

Kurban-Bayram is considered a family holiday, which is celebrated in the circle of the closest people. This celebration symbolizes the power of faith of every Muslim and the readiness of the faithful to sacrifice in the name of the Most High. Kurban-bairam unites all those who believe in Allah, recalls the need to help the needy and follow the precepts of the Almighty. This is a bright and joyful holiday that brings Muslims closer to Allah and gives them blessings for the whole next year.

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