Kia Optima 2019

Optima is the name of a business class (D-class) passenger car that Kia has been producing since 2000. The existing fourth generation model became available for purchase in 2015. Therefore, the appearance of information about the company's plans in 2019 to present a new model of the Kia Optima cannot be called unexpected. Moreover, the South Korean automaker at the New York auto show this year presented the proposed business sedan.

New Optima 2018-2019 year

Among the main reasons that made it possible to ensure a long release period of the model, and also pushed for the appearance of a new modification of the Optima, it should be noted that the car has the following advantages:

  1. individual design;
  2. high-class comfort;
  3. overall reliability;
  4. high security;
  5. acceptable cost.

The desire of the company to preserve these advantages of the Optima model can be noted on the basis of a careful study of the new car modification presented at the showroom.

2018-2019 Kia Optima Sedan


Traditionally, the design of a business class car implies solidity, confidence and power.Therefore, when developing an external image for the updated model, Kia's designers made changes that are intended to emphasize and strengthen the image of the classic business sedan.

New Kia Optima 2019

Among the key such decisions should be noted:

  • extended grille with preservation of corporate identity and in a light edging;
  • the use of smoother transition lines wide front bumper;
  • an increase in the size of head optics made in a two-lens version and with built-in running lights;
  • reduction of the lower air intake grille;
  • the edging of the fog lamps in the four-point LED design made in the form of the corresponding type of head optics;
  • increased depth of the lower frontal stamping, imitating the presence of the step;
  • a higher lower line and reduced side window dimensions;
  • change the design of the rear pillars;
  • narrowed rear combination lights;
  • smooth relief rear bumper;
  • changing the shape of the exhaust diffusers.

Exterior Kia Optima

The updated car has not changed in size.


4.86 m


1.86 m


1.49 m


2.81 m

Kia Optima 2018-2019


Changes in the cabin of the updated car are aimed at improving comfort. This can be noted on the basis of the presented photos of the 2018-2019 Kia Optima and special information.

Interior Kia Optima 2019

Among these improvements should be highlighted:

  • redesigned front seats with softer head restraints and compacted side support rollers, as well as electric adjustment functions (8 positions), electric heating and ventilation;
  • advanced light-shade over the instrument panel to increase the level of protection against bright light and improve information control;
  • an increased angle of rotation of the center console, with a built-in monitor, which improves the tracking of output parameters;
  • installation of a multifunctional steering wheel of a new design with an additional number of functions;
  • expansion of the space for rear passengers due to a modified design of the front seats;
  • use in the decoration of special high-quality materials with high wear resistance and improved noise absorbing characteristics;
  • updating the system of internal LED backlighting with the addition of color parameters;
  • A new speaker system with a 630-watt amplifier and 14 speakers.
Inside the new Kia Optima 2018-2019Salon Kia Optima 2019

All of these improvements, together with existing elements and systems increase the comfort of a business sedan.

Technical parameters and equipment

For the acquisition of the car considered three gasoline engines with the following technical characteristics (power (l. P.) - volume (l)):

  • 178.0 - 1.6 (turbocharged);
  • 185,0 – 2,4;
  • 247.0 - 2.0 (turbocharged).

To equip the transmission, a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 7-range robot is provided.

Engine Kia Optima 2019

The special features include widespread use, in the manufacture of the new Kia Optima in 2019, high-strength steel in almost 50% of the body structure. In addition, glue is widely used to make joints. Such solutions have reduced Optima vibration and improved noise isolation.

Among the equipment and systems with which it is planned to equip a new car should be highlighted:

  • LED optics;
  • 9 airbags;
  • help system at the start of the ascent and descent from the mountain;
  • light sensors, parking, tire pressure;
  • Cruise control;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • leather trim;
  • LED interior lighting;
  • blind zone controller;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • front seats with memory functions, electric heating, ventilation;
  • automatic parking system;
  • all-round cameras;
  • keyless access;
  • remote trunk opening;
  • electric parking brake;
  • navigation system.

Not so long ago, Kia introduced a hybrid version of the popular Optima business class sedan.

Kia Optima hybrid

It is expected that the full list of systems and options for completing the new Optima 2019, Kia will submit before the receipt of applications for the purchase of the car.

Start of sales

The Optima car is the best-selling Kia model in America. Therefore, the initial sales of new items will begin in the US, which is scheduled for the end of 2018. Price Kia Optima 2019 in the initial version is approximately 25.5 thousand dollars.

The appearance of the car in our country should be expected in the second quarter of 2019, after the start of European sales of the model.

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