Japanese style blinds

Natural bamboo blinds on the windows of any apartment look warm and cozy. They make thin lines in the improvement of the living space. Add a colorful effect to the dosage of sunlight. While retaining the natural lighting of the room.

Depending on the design of the apartment renovation, rolled bamboo blinds can be painted in any colors. Bamboo is well treated with stain. This does not affect the change in the structure of the fibers; all the primary qualities of bamboo are preserved.

Bamboo roller blinds are easy to operate. Easy to raise and lower with a cord. You can place the cord from different sides of the blind. It is also possible to fix the height of the ascent of the blinds with the same cord or ribbon ladder. Blinds are quite light. They can be installed on plasterboard ceilings.

You can use such blinds in any room of the apartment.

Also, bamboo blinds can be used outdoors. The cloth of bamboo blinds is processed by special structure,allowing to withstand any influence of natural precipitation.

Bamboo blinds do not require special care. You just need to wipe them with a damp cloth.

The palette of colors of bamboo blinds consists of three primary colors - mahogany, coffee and sweet cherry. But applying the stains, you can shade the primary colors, creating the necessary for the customer coloring blinds. Blinds are made of environmentally friendly raw materials and do not harm the internal atmosphere of the dwelling.

To pick up a coloring or to receive more detailed information it is possible to receive, having visited a site http://www.jaluse.ru/katalog/bambukovyie-zhalyuzi/. Each client will be given an individual approach and take into account all wishes and requirements.

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