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Furniture in the bathroom: how not to get lost in the variety of solutions

Repair in the bathroom is always exciting and time-consuming, even if it is not you who are doing it, but a professional. The most difficult thing is to visualize a dream picture in order to thoroughly select ...

Children's room for 2 boys: create a cozy and functional space

Creating a children's room for 2 boys is not an easy puzzle for parents, requiring creative approach. It should accommodate twice as much furniture, and it is important to remember not to ...

Children's room for two girls: a stylish space for recreation and study

Two daughters in the family - this is boundless happiness and joy for parents. Princesses need to create individual conditions for recreation, training and games. If in...

50+ stylish interiors of a nursery for a boy

Children's room for a boy is a whole world in which a child can realize his fantasies, spending time playing and developing. Free and functional room ...

45+ design ideas for a child’s room for a girl

Making a child’s room for a girl is a pleasant and responsible activity for moms and dads. It is necessary to make the space functional, practical and beautiful. It is important to consider ...

Kitchen furniture: modern variety

What do you think is the most important room in the house? The most common answer is the living room.

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