Interior decoration commercial space

What is the best way to build a commercial space? After all, it should be convenient for the client, while reliable. Immediately, it is worth noting that commercial premises are more expensive to build, as there is a need to use only high-quality original building materials.

For example, if you build a small shop, then the most expensive thing for you is the internal lining, in particular - the floor. It is best to put ceramic tiles on it. It is reliable, not slippery, visually beautiful, attracts a buyer. By the way, there is a little trick - the larger the size of the tile you use, the cheaper it will cost you. You can even pay attention, in many shopping centers 600 × 600 porcelain tile (60 centimeters by 60 centimeters) is used. Its installation is quite simple and fast, so the cost of the material itself and the work is much lower.
For walls, you can use plastic panels.Their only negative - quickly lose their original appearance. But then their cost is much less in comparison with other materials. You can also choose a panel with a pattern, which when burned in the sun is not much different from the original. Yes, and damage is not so easy to notice on such panels.
The ceiling is best (and cheaper, of course) covered with whitewash or paint. It is better to have a whitewash, because in time, you may need to sell the building, and many will refuse to buy it because of the use of paint in its interior lining, which is difficult to dismantle.

When building a commercial building, it should be borne in mind that at least in the initial stages it will be enough to make “normal” only the sales area where customers will walk freely. They do not enter the warehouse and household premises, so there you can make minor repairs there a little later.

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