Infiniti QX70 2017 model year

For a long time, the Franco-Japanese alliance Renault-Nissan has been actively working to expand cooperation in technology with the German manufacturer Dailmer. The partnership on mutually beneficial conditions has already given a serious result - an entirely new turbocharged power unit has been developed for the Infiniti Q50.

Also, the company Dailmer presented its companion with a platform from Mercedes A-class. The next collaboration creation will be the development of a completely new common platform.

In the future, the German and Japanese companies to establish an even closer relationship with each other. In particular, the basis for the creation of new cars will be taken a single platform, the development of which is actively involved in the specialists of both companies.

Release of updated QX70

Johan di Nysen (chief executive of the automotive brand Infiniti) in his special interview for one authoritative newspaper in Washington, said that the new platform will be taken as a basis for four new models. The head also reported on one interesting event scheduled for 2017 - the company will surprise the public with the release of the updated QX70 crossover.

According to Johan, the new all-terrain vehicle will be more comfortable, roomy and comfortable compared to its previous versions of the FX37 and FX50, which are also indicated by the general index QX70. At the moment, there is no other information regarding this novelty, but there is an opinion that the car will be a bit like the “four-door” Q50.

new Infinitі QX70 2017 specifications

Today's QX70 is very popular in the domestic market. After the Russian buyer met the first generation of the car, the idea of ​​the unusual exterior of the car in their heads has changed dramatically. Even today, the Infiniti QX70 is a great buy, but compared to its competitors, this SUV is a bit outdated.

For the most part this applies only to the technical stuffing. And in terms of interior and exterior, this model will look modern and elegant for a long time. At the same time, the appearance of the QX70 has practically no differences from the previous models, and the car has also retained its overall dimensions. Nevertheless, the appearance of the QX70 is dynamic, sporty and memorable.

infiniti QX70

The interior of the new car 2017 is designed for five seats, comfortable and very spacious, it is distinguished by leather trim and the presence of inserts from natural wood.The company positions the car's interior as environmentally friendly as possible, since it uses special modern filters and air ionizers.

crossover Infinit photo

The base powertrain for the Infiniti QX70 is a 3.7-liter, six-cylinder N-shaped engine that can produce an impressive 333 hp. maximum power. Such an engine accelerates the car to the first "hundred" in just 6.5 seconds. The top is a five-liter eight-liter gasoline engine, with a capacity of 390 hp Acceleration to "hundreds" - 5.8 seconds - a great indicator for a huge crossover.

Other company news

Some Western auto publications managed to get information about other future Infiniti updates. There is also information about the timing of the official announcements of 6 new cars of the Nissan division.

Initially, you need to talk about the QX30 crossover and the small Q30 hatchback, which have been actively discussed for a long time by fans of this brand.

new infiniti Q30 photo

The presentation of these models, developed on the platform of the Mercedes MRA, is expected to take place in the second half of 2016. It is worth adding that these cars will also be equipped with a turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder engine from Mercedes.

infiniti QX 30 2017 photo

The presentation of the “charged” Q50Eau Rogue, the concept of which was demonstrated at the beginning of this year, is also scheduled for the next year. The limited version of this car will be equipped with a six-cylinder 3.8-liter V-shaped power unit, with a capacity of 555 hp, borrowed from the GT-R.

infiniti Q50EAU Rogue

By 2017, the manufacturer Infiniti will be fully prepared for the production of electric vehicles. Two years ago, the company introduced a conceptual version of its previous model, which was planned to be put into mass production. But after thinking carefully, after weighing the pros and cons, the company’s management decided to postpone it, sending all its strength to its improvement.

The most vivid and expected surprise for fans of this brand will be the flagship coupe-sedan, which, apparently, will present in 2017. This car will also be created on the platform from Mercedes.

Under the hood of this car will be a hybrid engine, consisting of a six-cylinder turbocharged power unit and an electric motor. Such an installation in the amount will be able to generate more than 700 hp. power.

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