Ideas for Easter with their own hands: a master class (photo)

Love to do needlework and artisticcreativity? Do you want to create something original for the Bright Holiday? Below are very interesting ideas for Easter. With your hands, you can make a lot of beautiful gifts, souvenirs and jewelry for a festive table, and for the interior. All that is said will be easily accomplished even by a beginner. Some options are particularly popular with children. They will be happy to make gifts.

ideas for Easter with your own hands

Ideas for Easter with your own hands

Despite the fact that now you can buyalmost any decor, make it yourself especially nice. Man-made things created with a soul, bear warmth and kindness and look nicer and more tenderly purchased.

ideas for Easter with your own hands

So, below is a list of souvenirs and techniques for performing gifts and ornaments for Easter:

  • Decorated in various ways, eggs.
  • Composition of eggs and other attributes of the holiday.
  • Easter trees, including topiary.
  • Bunnies, made both edible and decorative.
  • Wreaths for interior decoration.

All this is created and decorated using the following techniques:

  • Painting with paints.
  • Decoupage.
  • Application.
  • Knitting.
  • Sewing.
  • Quilling.

ideas for Easter for your children

Any combination of both techniques and objects is possible. Everything is limited only by your imagination and desire to create.

Decoration of eggs

First consider the traditional ideas for Easter.With their own hands, the coloring of eggs like chicken with food colors, and wood with any others is very often done. Now we sell sets with shrink films, stickers and other decorations, which make it possible to create real masterpieces. They are very interesting for children's creativity.

If you can draw, you can paintThe surface is at your discretion or using special stencils. By the way, plastic children's options are sold, adapted to the surface of the egg. It's easy to work with them, as they fit tight enough. These sets also include markers, probably with food pigments.

Also, eggs can be decorated with elements of applique,including those made in the quilling technique. By the way, the Easter panels and decorative compositions executed according to this technology are spectacular. Very popular is the braiding of eggs with beads as a continuous pattern with chickens, churches, domes, and decorative mesh weaving.

It is interesting to decorate eggs with satin ribbons,bows, tight threads, lace, buttons, apply the technique of decoupage, apply on the surface patterns composed of cereals, peas, beans. From all this variety create magnificent compositions in baskets, Easter trees, topiary and other decor.

Eggs made of thread and other materials

The previous section described how to decoratealready finished form. Here we will talk about how to create it yourself. Of course, you still need the initial basis. Uses a normal shell from a chicken egg, which through the holes made at the top and bottom blows the contents. The second option is balloons.

ideas for Easter with their own hands

Very unusual ideas for Easter can be realized with the help of ordinary yarn. To create a lace decor of threads do the following:

  1. Take small balloons of the appropriate shape, cover the surface with glue.
  2. Wrap threads and allow to dry.
  3. Blow off or burst the ball, remove it from the resulting lace shape.

Inside, you can put a light bulb, making a lamp, or leave a "window" when winding the thread and put a chicken or rabbit in it.

As for the creation of the shape of the egg, they can bemake of paraffin in the form of candles, chocolate, jelly, soap. It is enough to pour melted compounds into an empty, washed and dried shell, cool and clean.

Easter Bunnies

This is a relatively new souvenir for our country,which becomes popular. Here too, you can offer quite interesting ideas for Easter. With their hands for children, or even better with them, it's easy to bake, sew, tie, make of paper cute rabbits with carrots or these objects separately. Kids will be delighted with both edible and decorative items. Especially nice soft toys in the form of bunnies. They can be a great gift for the children's room.

Ideas for Easter by own hands: knitting

If you like crocheting, forholiday can create many different souvenirs and ornaments. They knit (or tie) eggs, make bunnies, chickens, baskets. All this is done as a desktop small decoration, and in the form of full-value interior decorations.

ideas for easter hands knitting

Effectively look and monochrome, and multi-color things. They are used as independent souvenirs or as part of complex compositions.

Easter tree

If you are involved with children, then it's worth using the easiest ideas for Easter. With your hands and children you can make a beautiful tree.ideas for Easter with your own hands with children

For this it is enough to put in a bowl with waterhalf-opened branches or a willow and decorate them with pre-decorated eggs, suspended on ribbons or ribbons. For this, two holes are made in the shell, the contents are blown. The workpiece is washed and dried. A tape in the form of a loop is passed through the hole. From the bottom side, under the second hole, a knot is tied, which holds the loop.

Wreath or decorative composition

With older guys, you can complicate work.Instead of decorating ready-made branches, suggest creating a wreath from the same branches or from wire, blank from cardboard. As a decoration, use decorated eggs, bunny figures, chickens.ideas for Easter for your children

An interesting souvenir will turn out in the form of a composition in a transparent vase, a container or in a simple basket.

Easter Topiary

If you are looking for unusual ideas for Easter, you can make with your own hands a topiary made from decorated eggs. In form, this souvenir resembles a miniature sapling in a pot, trimmed in the form of a ball.ideas for Easter with your own hands

To create it usually takes the ball, the sphere ofpapier-mâché or other workpiece. It joins the stem-barrel, which is firmly strengthened in a container or vase. The ball is decorated in this case with Easter eggs, the trunk and the surface of the "earth" - at your discretion.

So, you saw how diverse the ideas forEaster. With your own hands, you can make any decor and souvenir in the most simple technique, and in a complex time-consuming. Choose what suits you. Do it yourself and educate the kids.

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