Icon "Ilya the Prophet": what helps and what does it matter?

Saint Ilya is the most revered by the people ofprophets, since it is the second through which the Lord addressed to the earthly inhabitants. The first was Moses. He is also one of those whom God took to himself, leaving no witnesses to this action. The airborne troops consider Saint Elijah to be their patron and defender.icon of the Prophet

Icon "Ilya the Prophet" contributes to a successful outcomeany started business, but it is believed that most of all the saint helps in agricultural matters. He is asked to send rain when drought or clear weather in torrential rains. Also the prophet can save the praying before his icon from disturbing illnesses. He takes anger out of people's hearts and promotes a peaceful family atmosphere.

In which temples is the icon of the Holy Prophet?

"Saint Ilya the Prophet" is an icon whose meaningis so great that it makes it the most famous and revered. It is located in a church, named in honor of the same saint in Moscow in the Obydensky lane. On the 20 stamps that adorn the image, the most important moments of life are preserved. The icon is the main one in the temple. Here is another and equally revered Orthodox icon of Elijah the Prophet, which was created on the bicentennial anniversary of the temple in the early 20th century. The name of the icon is "Holy Prophet Elijah in the Desert".icon prophet icon

The temple of the Prophet Elijah of God, located inNovgorod region, - another place where they honor the saint. Here are 2 icons, one of which was created more than two centuries ago, it is carried during the procession. And the other icon is only 15 years old (the date of creation is 2000), but the locals love it very much, calling it miraculous.

The Temple of Elijah the Prophet on Mount Carmel in Israel

For several centuries, pilgrims from all over the worldstay on Mount Carmel to touch the shrines associated with the prophet. The place for the temple was not chosen by chance, because it was in the cave of this mountain that Ilya hid from his pursuers for a long time, and here he defeated a pagan priest. The temple was built right above the cave in the form of a cross.

In the courtyard there is a small altar, similarwith what Ilya once created. Next is a neat statue of the prophet, who brought his hand with a blade over the pagan priest. When the Arab army of Muslims waged war with the Jews, they cut off the statue of the hand, believing that it helps all the people in the war. The temple was built relatively recently - in the first quarter of the 20th century, on the feast day of St. Elijah. Every year, believers flock here to pray or to baptize children.

How and why St. Elijah was revered in Russia

He became one of the first to whom they worshiped in Russia. In his honor were built temples, the first in Kiev in the 9th century, and Princess Olga ordered the construction of a church in the northern part of Russia, in the village of Vybuty. Ilya was considered and continues to be regarded as a truly Russian saint, who understands the problems and sorrows of his people.holy icon prophet iconIlyin is a day celebrated by believers on August 2,is considered a segregation of seasons. Although it is also summer, but in the middle zone of Russia after this date they do not bathe in water bodies and, as a rule, drastically cool, it becomes rainy. On this day the saint was asked for a good harvest, and the girls begged to give them a suitor, with whom they would go under the crown.

How does the icon "Ilya the Prophet" help?

At all times, the Russian peasants prayed to Ilya,so that he blessed them for plowing the land. St. Elijah the Prophet, whose icon was in every house, has always been considered a great miracle worker, a thunderer who can control elements, especially rain. When people are worried about the richness of the harvest, so that it does not dry out, or, conversely, was not flooded, then assiduously pray to the prophet Elijah.icon beads iliya prophet

Icon "Ilya the Prophet" helps to cope with anydifficulties, be they shortages of material goods, mental and physical illnesses. She is also capable of taking a sudden death from a person. The believers are constantly convinced of this.

Icons with the image of the prophet

The very first icon "Ilia the Prophet" was writteneven in the early Byzantine period. On it, the saint appears as a stern man with a piercing gaze of brown eyes, dressed in a woolen cloak. The prophet has long hair and a lush beard. Often, Ilya put on a hat made of wool, and put a dagger in his hands, thus transferring his strength and fury to the heterosexuals. In those days almost every saint was depicted with a weapon in his hands.

There are two fundamentally different imagesthe writing of the prophet, since they are tied to different periods of his life. Some icon painters depict it in meditation, namely, sitting on a rock in the desert and looking around, while the raven extracts food for him. In the legend written on this subject, it is said that the essence of this picture is that Saint Ilya hears the Divine voice through the thick of earthly problems and thoughts.

orthodox icon of the ProphetAnother option is Ilya the Prophet at the momenttransition to the Kingdom of Heaven. He is depicted as hovering with a cloud in his legs, his gaze is turned to heaven, but sometimes he looks at the abandoned earth. It is on these icons that the prophet passes his plait to the most reliable follower - Elisha. "Saint Elijah the Prophet" - an icon whose meaning is to reflect all the key moments of life in one image, is written with multiple stigmas, on which one can see the conversation with the Lord, victory over the pagan priests, the revival of man.

Icon of Elijah the Prophet

In modern days, ready icons in variousperformances can be purchased everywhere: in church benches, in jewelry stores, you can order it from icon painters on Internet sites, and you can do it yourself. Completed icon of beads "Ilya the Prophet" is the best that almost everyone can do in tribute to the memory of a saint. The main thing about which it is necessary to remember, that before the beginning of such work it is necessary to receive a church blessing. A sketch, which you need to work, you can buy in the shops at the church or in online stores. After the icon is ready, it should be sanctified and charged with church power. During the needlework, you can read the prayers of Elijah the Prophet. There is no doubt that the icon, created with their own hands, will have no less miraculous power than those that are in churches or are sold in church benches.

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