I wonder how much you can not sleep?

Often people ask themselves questions: "Why do we need a dream?" How long can you not sleep? After all, during this time, you can make a lot of useful things. " But, unfortunately, the nature of man is such that without sleep a person loses efficiency and puts his health at risk. Sleep is a natural process, without which a person simply can not live. The human body should rest to work effectively. So, how much can you not sleep? and than life without a dream threatens you?

It is known that the norm of sleep for the averagea person is seven to eight hours a day, for children - about ten hours, and the norm for an elderly person is six hours. But some people just do not understand this and cut their sleep for work. And this is their mistake. If you do not comply with the regime, then you risk putting your health at risk. It is proved that without a healthy sleep a person grows old faster. Sleep improves your immune system and cleanses your body after a day's work.

How many can not sleep with minimalconsequences for your health? You can not sleep a day or two, but remember that your body still suffers. When you do not sleep a day - in your brain chemical processes begin that suppress your psyche. On the second day without sleep in the cerebral cortex, neural connections are destroyed, your psyche suffers even more. So, if you have such a situation, do not forget that after this you need to give your body a break. You should sleep as much as your body will require.

How long can one not sleep with serious consequences?for good health? After 5 days without sleep, the brain cells are destroyed. The load on the heart greatly increases. Without sleep, a person can live for about two weeks. This causes a fatal outcome.

How many days can not sleep? Records of people:

High school student Randy Garner was able to live without sleep11 days. All this time the boy was under the supervision of doctors. As he was able to push his sleep so far, scientists are still studying. In order to get enough sleep after this Randy took only 14 hours. American Robert Mc Donald's could break the record, having lived without sleep for almost 19 days. Thanks to this, he managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Once in 1959, the famous artist P. Trypp decided to experiment how much he could hold out so as not to fall asleep. Without sleep, Tripp managed to spend 5 days. After that he started hallucinating: instead of his suit he saw a bunch of snakes, the table in his room began to burn with a flame. After that, he decided not to continue his experiment any more.

What should I do not to sleep?

There are various tips and techniques forcorrectly drive away your sleep. Each of these methods is individual, as in all the body works in its own way. But there are proven methods that give a 100% result. These are the methods:

- You can make yourself a cup of coffee, tea, cola or energy. In our time in shops you can find a large number of drinks containing caffeine.

- The light in the room in which you are located should be as bright as possible. So you can feel that now is the daytime.

- The room should be ventilated, because it is because of a lack of oxygen that you begin to want to sleep. Fresh air will help refresh your head.

- Take breaks for rest. This should be at least a few minutes. During this time, you can do exercises for the eyes, massage your whiskey or do any physical exercises. All this will help you cheer up and get to work with new forces.

- You can include music that will cheer you up. But remember that it can distract you, so be more careful.

So, of course, if you have any urgent business, you can do without sleep, but remember that this can be detrimental to your health.

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