2017 year of the rooster

Hybrid version of the Audi Q7 e-tron 2017 model year

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

The reviewers did not have time to disassemble the new generation Audi Q7 presented at the Detroit Auto Show, as a manufacturer from Germany came to the Geneva exhibition.

It hosted the premiere of an unusual modification of the vehicle, equipped with a hybrid powertrain. It should be said thatnew Audi Q7 e-tron 2017is a kind of offshoot, and not some kind of specific configuration model Q7.

Appearance Q7 e-tron

The front area is distinguished by a modified bumper, massive air intakes, a powerful hexagon-shaped fake grille with a mass of bridges coated with chrome. The "squinted" optics with LED lights, fog, double bottom protection - all these elements are left from the initial model.

The sides of the body also remained in its standard version. Also, the Q7 e-tronic is decorated with original rear-view mirrors, slightly swollen wheel arches, stylish rims that were designed specifically for this hybrid version. The rear bumper received a slight update.

Rear optics attracts maximum attention. A large enough tailgate will provide a comfortable unloading and loading items.

Audi Q7 e-tron 2017 crossover

Some critics characterize this SUV as a big wagon. Specifically, we can say one thing: against the background of the previous version, the new product has become softer, some even “good-natured”. Attractiveness because of this has not lost, but rather the contrary, the fans of the Audi Q7 was several times more.

Overall dimensions of an SUV

The changed appearance did not affect the overall performance, they remained, as in the standard version of Q7:

  • The width of the model is 1968 mm;
  • The length of the car reaches 5052 mm;
  • The height of the novelty does not exceed 1740 mm;
  • Spring suspension clearance - 190 mm;
  • Air suspension clearance 145-235 mm;
  • Base wheels - 2990 mm.

Audi Q7 e-tron 2017 specifications

Interior design cars

There is no need to hope for any major changes in the interior of the Audi 2017, as the car was recently first introduced to the public. Very little time passed from the premiere of a standard SUV to the presentation of its hybrid version. Anyway, why adjust the already excellent interior?

Car 2017

The interior of the Audi Q7 allows the driver to use the multifunctional steering wheel, behind which there is a digital instrument panel with a multifunctional onboard PC. Since this is a "hybrid", the instrument panel has been slightly updated.

Audi crossover hybrid 2017 images

The center console looks quite non-standard, as it has a clear need for a multimedia system screen. Here are located the buttons for controlling the air conditioner and some other systems. But still, the touch screen is present here, it comes out of the front panel, when you press the corresponding button.

SUV cost

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet announced the cost of the car. The fact is that the management is not in a hurry with the start of sales. The first buyer will be able to purchase a hybrid Q7 only in the spring of the coming year.

Audi new cars 2017

Therefore, it’s too early to talk about price. I would like to remind you that the initial performance of this car with a traditional engine will cost 61,000 EUR in Europe. Just imagine what the cost in Russia will be. But this does not prevent Audi from showing excellent sales in any market where the manufacturer from Germany plans to send its model.

Technical characteristics of the new German "hybrid"

Now let's talk about what specifically distinguishes the Q7 e-tron from the standard Q7 of the second generation. First of all, I would like to say that the car combines the work of a diesel power unit with an electric motor, and this is extremely rare.

The role of the classic ICE in a hybrid system is a three-liter diesel turbo engine with a peak power of 258 hp and a maximum torque of almost 600 Nm. The motor that produces 95 kW and 350 Nm of torque is working in pairs with it.

Audi Q7 e-tron 2017

In sum, such a power plant generates an impressive 373 hp / 700 Nm.

The Hybrid does its job with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration to "hundreds" with such equipment is 6 seconds. The peak of speed falls on 225 km / h, apparently, it is limited by electronics.

The electric motor receives energy from a 17.3 kW battery. Engineers have invented a very interesting system. When the battery becomes very hot, some of its heat is sent to the cabin heating, if necessary.

cars of 2017

When using only an electric motor, the car will be able to cover a distance of 56 km.

The manufacturer claims that this hybrid version of the car is incredibly economical. According to the company, the engine will consume a hundred kilometers on the combined cycle just 1.7 liters of fuel.

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