How well can grow herbs in the garden.

A rather unusual, but incredibly useful thing - a spicy vegetable garden. Here, on the same bed, or rather a flowerbed, completely different herbs and spices can fit. Everyone's favorite green onions, garlic, dill and parsley will feel great next to the salad, cilantro, hyssop, basil ...

It is better to have a spicy garden next to a barbecue, a brazier or a place where you usually cook shish kebab in the summer. To rip fresh greens on the spot and eat it along with freshly prepared kebabs.

In a small garden area, it is best to plant herbs in a flowerbed - a spiral. It is not only convenient, but also very fashionable. Such a spiral bed will become an exquisite element of your garden - landscape design. And the herbs in the garden will feel great!

how to plant herbs in the garden

Perhaps brick is the easiest and most affordable material for building a helix garden in a garden.

In addition to herbs, you can plant strawberries, strawberries and flowers.

grass bed

Flowerbed - a spiral of stones is made if you have a lot of building material.

spiral bed

Making a helix bed of stones is very simple:

  • first on the selected plot of land they draw the shape of the future bed;
  • stock up on building material - natural stones;
  • prepare the fertile land;
  • lay a layer of stones in 3 rows of stones, forming an almost complete circle;
  • fill a fertile layer of soil;
  • wrapping stones in a spiral, to complete the shape of the bed;
  • pour earth and plant plants.

Another option is to plant spicy herbs in the garden - to plant them compactly in a high beautiful garden bed. The walls of the beds can be made of clapboard or construction residues from the house - timber, logs.

No less original will look bed with spicy herbs, created in the old wheel, especially if the design of your site is made in a rustic style.

To do this, prepare a nutrient mixture - add compost to the landing site. Put the wheel. In each division, also add nutrient mixture, raising the layer of soil above the general level of the ground in the garden.And then seeds are sown in every share.

how to plant herbs in the garden

Spicy herbs are also surprising because they are perfectly combined with annual flowers - calendula, marigold, nasturtium. Combining different plants, you can create a bright decorative garden on one rectangular bed.

decorative herb garden

If the usual bed seems boring to you, then the decorative herb garden can be made in the form of an oval flower bed.

Here is a diagram and a list of herbs and plants that can be planted and they will get along well with each other.

Spicy herbs in the garden list which should be planted:

  1. Bow,
  2. Parsley,
  3. Dill,
  4. Fennel,
  5. Lovage
  6. Caraway,
  7. Tarragon,
  8. Mint,
  9. Melissa,
  10. Oregano,
  11. Coriander,
  12. Basil,
  13. Thyme,
  14. Sage,
  15. Rosemary,
  16. Hyssop
  17. Leaf salad,
  18. Cress - salad.

Most of these herbs can be planted with seeds right in the ground. It is very convenient that most of them are perennial grasses, it is enough to plant 1 time, and they will delight you with their growth for many years.

When planting be sure to consider the landing site to grow a good harvest. For example, oregano feels great in the shade, and onions, on the contrary, prefer sunny places.

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