How to wear a ring?

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How to wear a ring?

The ring is one of the favorite ornaments of all girls and women. It can emphasize your beauty, eye color, mood and, of course, status.

To make this decoration look harmonious with your appearance, you need to know how to properly wear rings, be able to choose them by age, size and style of clothing.

How to wear rings: general rules

  • Wedding rings.Rings, except for engagement and engagement,can be worn on any fingers - there are no strict traditions that must be observed. Engagement rings and engagement rings in Russia are worn on the ring finger of the right hand.
  • Badly combined with each other are rings of different metals. So, if you chose a golden ring and want to put on a second, choose a gold pair.
  • You can wear several rings at once, but you need themharmoniously combine each other. Rings should not be too much. You can wear two or three identical, not fanciful rings, on one finger, for example, three narrow ones without a pebble.
  • Color rings should be combined with the color of the eyes.Since the rings attract attention to the hand, itshould be well-groomed. Make sure that the skin of your hands is in order to have at least a minimal manicure. If you wear a ring with a stone, make sure that the color of the varnish is combined with the stone.
  • Color rings or rings with stones, especially with large ones, must be combined in color with your image: with the color of the eyes, clothing or accessories.

Rings on the fingers: symbols

It is believed that the ring on one or another finger can somehow characterize its owner, symbolize any qualities of his character. Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Ring on the thumb

Ring on the thumb.Wearing rings on these fingers is inherent in individualsenergetic, emotional, stubborn and straightforward. A person who wears a ring on this finger knows his pluses and minuses well, that's why he uses the ring subconsciously to curb his temper. A person wants to be in harmony with himself and with people and at the same time tries to assert himself by all means.

Ring on the index finger

Ring on the index finger.A man with a ring on this finger is proud, aspiresto rule, has a strong character. If the ring is on the right hand, then the person is judicious. If on the left, it indicates a megalomania, arrogance and self-esteem.

On this finger it is useful to wear ringlets modest and not self-confident people - it will raise self-esteem.

Ring on the middle finger

Ring on the middle finger.It is believed that on this finger rings are confident in their beauty and superiority of people. Also on this finger it is customary to wear family rings - this emphasizes the connection with the ancestors.

Wearing a ring on the middle finger is also useful for those who want to have a strong connection with their kind, and those who are catastrophically unlucky in life - the ring will help to quickly overcome all the failures.

Ring on ring finger

Ring on ring finger.The ring on this finger traditionally points tomarital status. If a person wears a wedding ring on it, but another, it is a symbol of the love of his master for art, luxury, refinement. This is the choice of aesthetes. Also to the ring on this finger are inclined romantic natures. A small and neat little ring speaks of a person's harmony, his confidence, and a great deal of his inclination to passions and imbalances.

Ring on a little finger

Ring on the little finger.Wearing a ring on this finger is useful to those whoNeeds dexterity, quick mind and eloquence. The ring will help to find a common language and establish connections with different people. Also, psychologists say that rings on the little finger like to wear cunning and quirky intriguing people. The girl, for example, can be windy, frivolous, prone to flirt.

Ring and style of clothes

Large rings are combined with evening dresses.Rings should be relevant. So, large rings with diamonds or with other large stones are combined with cocktail and evening dresses. For everyday and business images, you need to choose more simple and modest rings.

For the everyday image and semi-sports styleIt is worth giving preference to thin rings without pretentious design. Small rings with pebble stones are allowed. A simple engagement ring will be a good addition to the business image.

To create a spectacular evening image suitablealmost any ring. It can be both small and modest, and vice versa, large and artsy. Magnificent will look rings with precious stones, especially with diamonds.

Massive rings will look good with light summer dresses.

Age features

Age features of wearing rings.Young girls are more suitable for miniature thin rings without stones or with small stones - they will best emphasize elegance and youth.

For older ladies, there will be good rings with medium-sized stones. Their shape can have both regular geometric outlines, and unusual bends and bulges.

Older women go through massive and wide rings with large stones. Do not wear thin rings - they will emphasize the age of the skin. Large, on the contrary, will distract attention to themselves.

Shape and size of fingers

Correctly selected ring can not only decorate the hand, but also make it more attractive.

  • For large fingers with pronounced joints, a good option would be massive rings with large stones. So fingers will look thinner and neater.
  • To narrow the wide fingers will help not very wide rings with stones of oval or round shape.
  • Chubby fingers will make elegant thanks to asymmetric rings without stones.
  • To narrow fingers, select wide rings without stones. Well and will look intricate patterns.

Engagement and wedding rings

And in our days the tradition of donatingengagement ring. It is the symbol of a serious relationship. They give such a ring on the day of the offer of the hand and heart. If the girl agrees, she puts it on her finger, and from that moment on the couple is considered to be the bride and groom.

Not all girls know how to wearengagement ring. You need to wear it on the ring finger of the hand on which your faith allows you to wear an engagement ring. For example, the Slavs, as well as the inhabitants of India, Greece, Norway, Colombia and Spain wear it on their right hand. In Western cultures, on the contrary, it is done on the left hand.

On the wedding day, the engagement ring is removed andinstead of him they wear an engagement. Both these rings can be combined and worn as together on one hand, and on different. To wear an engagement ring is necessary - it is a symbol of your love, family and spiritual unity.

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