How to varnish parquet?

How to varnish parquet?In recent decades, in the design of modern homes very often used wooden, namely parquet, flooring. And it is not surprising, because the natural wood pattern creates a feeling of comfort.

In order to protect the parquet from mechanical damage, you need to use a clear varnish. He will help preserve the original appearance of the parquet and will be able to protect it. For this kind of work you will need:

  • wide paint brushes;
  • clear nail polish;
  • paint tray;
  • manual cycle;
  • rollers.

It is fair to note that to get varnish for parquet, as well asLightning equipment, you can in the world wide web on the Internet. In order to varnish the parquet is necessary:

  1. Dig a parquet using a manual well sharpened cycle.
  2. Apply a waterborne primer to the parquet using rollers. It is important to remember that such a primer dries not less than forty-five minutes.
  3. Now you need to apply the varnish itself. It is best to use a paint tray, roller or wide paint brush for this.

Good luck to you! Dare!

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