How to take flax?

Bioadditives - good or bad? About them goes a lot of rumors: dietary supplements heal, help lose weight in record time or are the worst enemies of the health of the body. On the one hand, they are natural active substances, which allow to eliminate the deficiency of vitamins, microelements. But on the other hand, even natural substances can have a side effect on an individual. Today we will consider such a biologically active additive to food as flax seeds. So, how to take flax and do you need to do this?

The Benefits of Flax Seeds

From the history of our ancestors

Even in ancient times, flax was used not simplyfor the fabrication of tissues, but also as a useful vegetable substance for human health. This is proved by the research of archaeologists in the excavations of Germany, which found the remains of cakes made from wheat, flax and millet seeds. There, even from the Bronze Age, flax was accepted not just for fabric material.

From folk medicine

What can I say, even if people's recipes say,that the use of flax seeds in the preparation of a drug has helped in the treatment of stomach diseases, with ulcers and constipation. Today in pharmacies you can buy dietary supplements and just flax seeds for brewing and adding to food.

Who is interested in flax?

Undoubtedly, flax seeds help with diseases:

  • gastrointestinal tract,
  • thyroid gland,
  • kidney,
  • liver.

It is also used for prevention:

  • thrombosis,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • cancer (especially the colon, milk and prostate gland).

Remember, it is very important to know how to correctlytake flax seeds, so read our article on, consult with doctors and learn the instructions. Only an analysis of the information obtained will help you effectively start treatment and prevention, and also warn yourself against the negative consequences of mindless self-treatment.


Let's see who can not take linen. By the way, I want to note that in any case before the decision to use a biologically active additive to food, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can analyze the health of your body and give an answer how the dietary supplements affect you.

It is forbidden to take flax seeds with:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • inflammatory processes in the intestine, because flax has the properties of a laxative;
  • female diseases: endometritis, uterine fibroids and polycystosis;
  • predisposition to prostate cancer in men, as in the flax seeds there is alpha-linolenic acid, contraindicated to people with this disease.

How to take flax seeds

The answer to this question depends on your goal. Some take linen in order to lose weight, others - for the treatment and prevention of diseases, and still others - for the beauty and health of the skin.

How to drink flax with gastritis

Let's explain why the seeds of flax are so beneficialaffect the junction when there are no contraindications. The thing is that when you brew this substance, a specific mucus is formed, which envelops the stomach when using a decoction and relieves inflammation.

So, how to brew flax seeds in our case? Buy the most common flax seeds in the pharmacy. Pour 1 liter of boiling water 3 tablespoons of flax seeds. Cover the container with a lid, then with a towel and let the broth steep for a whole night. Take the decoction from the very morning on an empty stomach (20 minutes before eating), drink half a glass. Spread the second half of the glass for the whole day. Attention, every day you need to prepare a new broth, only a fresh infusion will have an effect and do no harm to your health. The course of reception of decoction from flax - 1 month. Even if you feel the improvement, bring the course to the end.

Heartburn and bitterness in the mouth

Flax seeds will be especially effective if you takethe very dry plant and grind it. We need 1 tablespoon, which should be filled with a glass of boiling water, brew. We will drink flax 2 times a day before meals. The course lasts 1 week.

How to brew flax for weight loss

Attention, apply only after an individual consultation with your doctor!

  • You will need a thermos, 1 tablespoon of seedsflax and 2 cups of boiling water. Make the broth for the night and leave to stand until morning. In the morning, strain the healing potion and take 100 ml 3 times a day before meals for half an hour.
  • The second method is faster in time and formodern man "in business" is much easier. Pour one tablespoon of seeds into a bowl, pour 1 cup of boiling water. Immediately place the bowl on the stove and cook over low heat for 30 minutes. Take the same as described in the first method.
  • Some like compotes of dried fruits andadd flax seeds directly into them. The compote turns into a jelly with a mass of useful substances. And tasty, and useful. There is a cleansing of the intestines, losing weight and eliminating the feeling of hunger.

With regard to reviews of flax seeds and theireffectiveness for those who want to lose weight, they are diverse. But most people write that losing weight is very slow with accompanying painful sensations in the stomach or liver. If you took flax without consulting a doctor and found similar symptoms, run urgently to the doctor.

Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Flax is also used externally with separateskin diseases and doctor's recommendations. Prepare slime: 1,5 teaspoon of flax seed pour 200 ml of boiling water. Use mucus in the form of poultices and compresses. Seeds in bags can also be used: dry and heated.

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