How to report a pregnancy in an original, unusual and surprising way to your husband, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers? When should I inform my employer about pregnancy under the law, and how to do it correctly?

on 25.08.2017

Pregnancy- This is a great time of attention from relatives, friends, a touching period of development of a new life inside a woman. When a woman enters an interesting position, she begins to shine. But when and how best to tell about your situation? In our article we will talk about how beautiful and creative to talk about your pregnancy,who better to say, and who should not yet tell.

The main thing in the article

How long does it take to report a pregnancy?


  • There is no definite evidence of when to narrate the position of a woman. Each woman should determine for herself the date when she will tell about pregnancy.
  • Usually, most women tell their close friends and relatives in the first trimester, from about 4-8 weeks. This happens when family relationships are well established.
  • If family relationships are strained, not every woman will allow her relatives to possess secret information about their situation.
  • With colleagues at work things are exactly the same, it all depends on how the pregnant woman decides. If she believes that this information is necessary to colleagues, then she will tell. If she does not consider it necessary to explain, then she will be silent until the stomach lets itself be known.

A pregnant woman owes nothing to anyone. Therefore, she herself decides who and when to find out about her interesting position.

How beautiful to inform the husband of pregnancy: TOP 10 ways4772633

The father of the child learns in most cases first about the situation of his darling.We offer you 10 interesting ways to tell about the situation:

  1. Take pictures of the first ultrasound and put in a bag or pocket to your husband.
  2. Draw on the belly of the baby and show your lover.
  3. If this is a second child, buy a shirt or a body with the inscription"Younger sister"or"Younger brother".
  4. Get a cot and ask to collect.
  5. Buy a book about the role of a man as a father and let your lover read.
  6. Give your husband a rattle, packed in a box with a bow.
  7. Inflate many balls, write on them"Congratulations, you will soon become a dad".
  8. Make breakfast and write in a plate"Future Dad".
  9. Write with chalk under the window on the asphalt, for example:"Andrew, you will soon become a dad".
  10. Buy cubes with letters and collect in the offer"Beloved, you will become a dad!".


How to report a pregnancy to a loved one in verse?

  • Some women can write poetry and are fluent in word and rhyme. Therefore, it will not be difficult for them to devote poems to their young future father. Especially it will sound great on the eve of some holiday, such as New Year, Christmas, February 23, birthday.
  • Poems - this is a great version of the narration and expression of their thoughts.Loved will appreciate your message and will be extremely happy with his new position.


How to inform parents about pregnancy in an original way?jade

  1. Gather parents and your family and invite them to take a family photo. When everyone gathers, say instead“Smile”"ANameis pregnant. "
  2. Come to visit your parents and present an envelope, tell them to open it, and you can film it on camera. In the envelope, put the ultrasound images of the baby.
  3. Write a beautiful letter to your parents about your interesting situation and tell them at the meeting. Ask to read it with you out loud.
  4. Come visit with the cake, which will be the inscription"Congratulations, you will soon become a grandmother and grandfather".
  5. Wrap your positive tests in beautiful packaging and give to parents.
  6. Give your parents small gifts with booties inside.
  7. Invite parents to a cafe or dinner and raise a toast to the future grandparents.
  8. If the parents live in another city and there is no possibility to come, contact with a video call and show a picture in the ultrasound screen.
  9. Suggest to play a scrabble game. Make a sentence on the board that you are pregnant and pack. Let the parents themselves open the package.Or during the game write about your position.

How to report a pregnancy with a surprise?d0d9c2d960bf0aaa07851266ecf4

  • Order a t-shirt with the inscription"Best Dad!"and ask to try on.
  • Give a kinder surprise and put a note inside"I will leave in 8 months".
  • Bake a fortune cookie and attach it with a note"The best dad in the world, I will come to you in 8 months".
  • Make a test with the definition of sex and give her husband with the words"We will have a girl"or"We will have a boy".
  • Put the cabbage with a sticker on the inscription“Take me away in 8 months.”.
  • Calculate the approximate date of delivery and ask your husband“Do you know what will happen on October 12, 2018?”, he will long remember the alleged events and finally surrender. And you tell him:"On this day we will become parents of a beautiful baby".

How to tell a guy about pregnancy?

  • Take a picture of the test with a rattle and a pacifier and put it in an envelope with an ultrasound scan. Give the envelope, and tell him to open it when it is ready.
  • Give the cabbage forks, and put the test inside.
  • Rename your name in his phone to"Stork"and write a message“I'll fly in 8 months”.

How to inform the former about pregnancy?

  • Order dinner for three and ask the waiter to say“The guest is a little late, apologizes, and asks to wait another 8 months”.
  • Send a courier with a gift box, put cabbage forks with the inscription in the box"Dad, I will arrive in 8 months".
  • Write a letter and put in an envelope with the attached test.
  • Invite to dinner, stretch a beautifully packaged test, booties and pacifier.

How to inform the child about the second pregnancy?pregnancy-announcement

  • Older children do not always understand what the appearance of their brother or sister actually means. Try to explain to the older child about the specific date of birth of the youngest, focusing on the holidays, which he knows.
  • Do not give vain promises that when a child appears, he will play with him and together they will have fun. Tell the truth that the little ones will need to take care and care. Do not give vain hopes, because with the advent of the younger child, the second will be disappointed.
  • In order for the baby to accept well the information about the future brother or sister, try to acquaint him with the crumbs of her friends at a party, on the street pay attention to passers-by with wheelchairs.

Interesting surprises about the situation:

  • Assign a medal of promotion to an older sister.
  • Order t-shirts for the whole family with the inscriptions"Here lives the baby","Best Dad","Elder sister".
  • Offer to make repairs, justifying this with the appearance of a younger child.
  • Make a collage with a stork and write"I will be soon, beloved brother".

How and when to tell friends about pregnancy: 10 cool ways57471c6aa605c-1224x816

Friends can talk about pregnancy when you are sure that all troubles are over and you are ready for more attention.

  1. Gather your friends for tea with a cake, on which will be figures of stork, dough and pacifiers.
  2. Come to meet friends in a T-shirt"Here ditches".
  3. Gather friends in nature and offer to share a photo and instead"Cheese"tell me"I am pregnant".
  4. Play the game “truth or action” and tell the truth about your situation.
  5. Retire to the ladies' room with friends and let them be nervous, and returning tell me that you are suffering from toxicosis.
  6. Come to the meeting with a sly smile and hold on to the last, if you will be asked questions about what is with you. And when they get tired of asking questions, say that you are expecting a child.
  7. State your position immediately from the door.
  8. Prepare a gift with a scan of the ultrasound, put it in a box, put the box in a big box, that one into an even bigger one, and so on. Give a surprise to guests.
  9. Make a video of how beautifully you told your husband about the pregnancy, and show your friends.
  10. Arrange forks for cabbage in the apartment and invite friends.

What period of pregnancy to report at work?yu

Before you report at work about your situation, you need to be aware of some things:

  • How will this affect relationships in your team?
  • Should colleagues own this information?
  • Do I want to listen to the same questions every day?

In any case, you and only you decide when to talk about pregnancy. You also need to understand that relationships in the team play an important role. If the relationship is strained, it is better to wait until the moment when the pregnancy will be difficult to hide. If the relationship is really warm and friendly, then you can tell in the first trimester.

When to inform the employer about pregnancy under the law?440034

  • By law, an employer must find out about the position of her employee.up to the 30th weekthat is, before she can officially go on maternity leave.
  • If you do not want to inform your superiors about the situation, you can report at week 28 so that he has time to find a replacement for you while you are away.
  • If you have a good relationship with your boss, and no one asks you to quit, you can tell us when you consider it necessary.

How interesting to report about pregnancy employees?A213

  • If a holiday is scheduled, say that you can not alcohol, commenting on this interesting position.
  • Order a courier dressed up in a stork. When he comes, let him give you a pacifier and booties with employees.
  • Offer to watch a video of your surprise husband.
  • Treat your colleagues with a cake that will be creatively decorated on the topic of pregnancy, like this:

cake will soon be mom - Google Search - Google Chrome

The best ways to creatively report pregnancy to relativeslfff

  • Write a letter from the future from the face of the baby and put in an envelope. When relatives gather, open with them and read.
  • Take a photo collage of your family and future replenishment. Invite your loved ones and show them.
  • Order a video report on the ultrasound and show it to your relatives.
  • Bake cookies, put inside a note with information about pregnancy and treat relatives.
  • Gather loved ones at the table and serve cabbage cake with dough inside.
  • Invite your loved ones and get with their vests, purchased in advance.

Video: best ways to tell family and friends about pregnancy

You can easily tell about your pregnancy, but it can be interesting and original. In any case, loved ones will always welcome your news. And having learned about it, they will take care of you and care for you even more caringly. Creative messages can be filmed for a future generation - such memorable moments will remind you of pleasant and beautiful moments of life.

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How to report a pregnancy in an original, unusual and surprising way to your husband, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers 37

How to report a pregnancy in an original, unusual and surprising way to your husband, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers 70

How to report a pregnancy in an original, unusual and surprising way to your husband, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers 75

How to report a pregnancy in an original, unusual and surprising way to your husband, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers 97

How to report a pregnancy in an original, unusual and surprising way to your husband, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers 8

How to report a pregnancy in an original, unusual and surprising way to your husband, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers 9