How to remove the trim?

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How to remove the trim?

Every motorist from time to timetransform your car. To do this, you can change the paint or replace the interior trim. Let us consider the last point. We'll talk about it in our article, from which you will learn how to remove the lining of the salon.

Dismantling the rear side trim

Start the change of skin is necessary with the dismantling of the old one. It is recommended to start with the rear side trim, which is located behind the side window.


  1. First remove the right rear clip. Doing this is recommended neatly, since one side of the clip can be very tight, and on the other hand very fragile. Do it better with your fingers, although professionals use special tools that are usually difficult to find in stores. Remove both clips, namely: right and left.
  2. Now go to the ceiling pistons, which performs the same role as the clips.
  3. Now you can remove the rear seat belt plugs and unscrew the mounting bolts. Next, remove the plug securing the rear right pillar, after tucking in some thin rod.
  4. After removing the cap, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the clamping screw.
  5. Now you can remove the rear right-hand trim.
  6. All the same procedures need to be done for the left rear rack.

Removing the ceiling handles

To remove the plastic elements that fix the handle on the ceiling, it is necessary to remove it with a screwdriver and remove the fixing spring.

To remove the ceiling handles, you need to use a slotted screwdriver with a diameter of about six millimeters.

  1. Insert the screwdriver so that it isperpendicular to the door. Insert the screwdriver into the special hole that each handle has. The pens themselves are held on special latches, which are attached to the body.
  2. In order to remove the latches, you need to turn the screwdriver about 90 degrees, and pull the handle itself down.

This procedure can take a very long time, but you can not act too harshly, otherwise you will break the handle.

Dismantling of plafonds

To dismantle plafonds, you needuse tweezers. To approach a plafond at first it is better from the center of the top fringing. Then do the same, but on the opposite side. Plafonds are removed very easily, but it is important to be careful not to break off the wires. Do not forget to remove both screws that secure the trim to the body.

Now you can remove the lining of the left and right side racks by analogy with the rear pillars.

On the interior trim and how to sew the seats, read in the article How to trim the car interior.

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