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How to putty drywall walls

January 13, 2018

For the alignment of any surfaces of the interior is excellent drywall. It is used for the construction of various structures, for example, arches or walls between rooms. It is worth noting that in any case it will have to be leveled, that is, puttyed. Drywall from is an excellent material not only for leveling walls, but also for increasing sound insulation of rooms and their tightness. This material is relatively new in the market of building materials, but it has settled well enough there.

How to putty drywall walls

Before starting work, be sure to firmly fix the drywall on the wall or ceiling. After that, you need to choose one of the methods of work, most likely, you will choose a manual way to putty walls. After the preparatory work is necessary to prime your walls. The best primers are imported products.After everything is dry, you can proceed.

Consider in detail how to putty drywall walls

Before starting it is necessary to seal the seams, for this purpose use a special tape called serpyanka and gypsum plaster or glue. All the seams are patched, so it's time to start directly answering the question of how to putty drywall walls.

How to putty drywall walls

It is necessary to putty putty and a thin layer to start applying it over the entire surface, then make the process of grouting, and then apply the final layer of putty. This method is the most common and cheapest. This method allows you to quickly and efficiently putty walls. Small flaws are usually corrected by finishing the application of the composition and grouting.

There is another method, although it is very similar to the first one, only three layers of putty are gradually applied, and the grinding process is carried out twice.

The most difficult thing is to create corners from drywall. At round corners, a special plastic corner is attached and then it is also puttied, if the angle is standard, then a metal plate is attached in the form of an angle and also putty.

How to putty drywall walls

The final result depends primarily on the skills and skill of the performer of this work, rather than on technology. But the quality of materials plays a big role, you should not save on this. It is worth noting that priming is best carried out after each layer of putty, so it is better to see the defects, flaws, and also an additional layer is created that provides better adhesion of the layers of putty.

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