How to paste borders for wallpaper

April 29, 2010
Renovation of apartments

wallpaper bordersAlthough many believe that the borders for wallpaper - this is the last century, with their help, you can transform the room and give it some originality.

Decorative purpose wallpaper curbs - this is their only dignity. With skillful handling with the help of borders, you can adjust the space of the room - increase or decrease the height of the room, select a particular zone, connect individual elements of the interior. Paper borders exist in various textures and densities, they differ in width (from narrow strips to meter width) and a variety of patterns. A convenient invention was the creation of self-adhesive curbs with the back side protected by a film. For their attachment, it is enough to remove the film, attach it to the place and smooth it. Ordinary paper borders are fixed with wallpaper or special vinyl glue. By the way, not only walls, but also furniture or other interior elements can be decorated with borders.

By combining the borders for wallpaper, you can achieve unexpected effects - they can be placed in parallel, at a certain distance, to combine narrow and wide borders.You can decorate window or door openings with wallpaper borders or simulate wall panels. As a rule, paper borders are glued horizontally, but you can move away from traditions and glue them vertically, disguising, for example, wallpaper joints. When using borders for the design of corners, special angular motifs are offered that allow you to beautifully join the horizontal and vertical stripes. It should be noted that it is possible to glue the curb on the freshly glued wallpaper only after 48 hours.

Materials and tools

It is better to glue the curbs on a special glue, which provides a stronger bond to the surfaces. It is sold in small tubes or in banks. This glue is applied to paper tape with a flat brush. Also, when pasting borders, scissors, a roller for rolling edges and a wallpaper brush will be useful.

Calculation of the number of rolls of curb

To determine the required number of rolls, measure the long and short walls, fold these dimensions and multiply by two. If you want to decorate with a border, for example, a doorway, then you will need to take into account the size of the door frame. When buying curbs,it is better to buy a spare roll just in case.

Master Class

  1. We draw the base line on the wall with a soft pencil with the help of a long construction level. You can plot a base line by measuring the required height from the floor with several meters and connecting the points with a straight line.
  2. Determine the position of the curb. It can be located at the ceiling (A), in which case it looks like a ceiling frieze and docks to the eaves or directly to the ceiling. You can glue the curb between the ceiling and the window (B) - this is a solution for high rooms, and you can attach a paper curb at a height of 90 cm from the floor - in this case it will revive the walls and reduce the height of the room.

    wallpaper for borders

  3. Next, roll out the roll along the walls, cut into pieces of the desired length, put face down and apply glue. Then we fold it with an accordion, glued side inwards.
  4. We take the folded border in the left hand, straighten one fold and apply the curb to the wall. Smooth it from the middle to the edges and remove excess glue. Thus glue the entire length, removing the curb around the corner. The next lane of the border begins by aligning the pattern with the end of the first strip.
  5. Corner joints borders form as follows. We overlap each other vertical and horizontal stripes with an allowance of 15 cm, draw a diagonal line, and cut a vertical strip along it.
  6. Fold back the horizontal paper tape along the diagonal line and feed it to the longitudinal strip. We join the pattern by moving the lapel, and then bend the transverse strip so that a fold is formed.
  7. We trim the horizontal curb along the fold line. Then cut the strip on the other side to the desired length, leaving the allowances for the width of the curb plus 15 cm.
  8. Apply glue and glue a horizontal strip with a beveled edge and roll the edges with a roller. By the same principle, we join other corner joints.

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