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June 13, 2012
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How to paint chipboardSometimes when reworking furniture, the question arises how to paint chipboard. This material is one of the most common materials for the manufacture of furniture, it is also used in construction and repair work. Chipboard (chipboard) for more than a dozen years used in various fields, especially furniture made of this material.

Chipboard consists of wood chips glued together by formaldehyde resin. Since the chips can be unstuck under the influence of external influence, they are protected with an external coating - it can be a layer of varnish, paint, polypropylene film, etc. In addition to protection, painting chipboard also creates a decorative effect, since this method can create surfaces not only of different colors, but also with different textures.

To restore the attractive appearance of chipboard, it is enough to renew the paint layer, thanks to which the products of this material acquire their own unique style. Also painting chipboard increases its moisture protection and gives the material resistance to ultraviolet rays.With proper painting work, old furniture and other products from chipboard not only get a new look, but also extend their service life. Also coating chipboard paint reduces its effect on humans (over time, resins tend to evaporate, and the paint prevents this process).

The important point is what is covered with particleboard top - varnish. Veneer, paint, film or coating is missing. Of all the options listed, laminate is the most difficult to clog. It must be covered with several layers of primer and no one guarantees the result.

Preparation for chipboard painting

Before you start painting chipboard, you must carefully prepare the surface. The result of staining will depend on the quality of preparation. Usually, for “refining” the appearance of chipboard products, they are covered with a layer of varnish or paint, but over time they crack and peel off. Removing varnish or old paint from the surface of furniture often causes difficulties for craftsmen. Of course, this is a long and laborious process, but you can clean the surface.

To remove the layer of the old coating with chipboard, two methods are used:

  • Chemical. When the surface is treated with various chemical compounds (washes).They are selected depending on the composition of the old paint. It is necessary to carefully observe the conditions of use indicated on the label of the wash to avoid trouble.
  • Thermal method. In this case, use exposure to hot air or steam. Requires a construction dryer and spatulas (scrapers). A stream of hot air is directed to the painted surface, and when the paint softens, it is removed with a scraper. It is important to observe the correct temperature regime in order not to spoil the chipboard.

Also, the surface of the chipboard must be pierced and proskorit. This will relieve the product from minor defects and scratches, which are particularly noticeable under a layer of fresh paint.

how to paint furniture from chipboardBefore applying the putty surface must be primed with a suitable composition. For chipboard it is better to choose elastic putty, for example, acrylic. This will protect the product from cracks on the surface. Putty putty with a spatula, trying to form a uniform layer. After the putty has completely dried, the surface is treated with fine-grained sanding paper. She shkuru product until then, until all the bumps. Then the product should be cleaned of dust, and you can start painting work.

Paints for chipboard

For painting chipboard the best option would be to use a spray gun or paint from a can. This will give a smooth surface without smudges, but it is better to practice beforehand, especially if the spray gun and spray paint were not used before.

is it possible to paint chipboardAs for the types of paint, you can use alkyd, oil or acrylic paints. With different types of paint the result of staining will also differ. You can paint with a brush or roller with a short nap, and in the latter case, the uniformity of coloring will be better. After painting, the product can be varnished, this will increase its resistance to mechanical stress.

Chipboard painting technology

  1. The surface is cleaned from dust, dirt and degreased.
  2. Using a rough emery paper, they clean the surface so that scratches remain - this is done for better adhesion of the primer to the surface.
  3. Apply a primer (you can take alkyd or even automotive - for bumpers).
  4. Next, put an acrylic primer.
  5. Paint the surface with the selected paint with a roller or brush in several layers (at least two). In general, the number of layers depends on the desired end result - someone needs a translucent coating, and for someone, rich saturated color is important.
  6. If, after the application of the first layer, irregularities have appeared, then it is necessary to re-sand the surface with fine-grained sandpaper and apply several more layers of paint.


  • Products from chipboard before painting should be processed in such a way that the glue in the sawdust will stop evaporating harmful substances, and the surface does not absorb moisture. This is achieved by impregnating deep penetration. You can also use lacquer NTS, but the impregnation is more harmless.
  • Before lacquering chipboard, it is also necessary to treat it by impregnating deep penetration.
  • To highlight the texture of wood, chipboard can be treated with alkyd pigments or English patina (a special composition for patination and highlight texture).
  • In order to achieve a smooth painted surface, it is necessary to use rollers with a short nap, since a long nap leaves a pattern. By the way, this is the way to achieve texture on the painted surface.
  • If you need to paint furniture made of dark colored chipboard, it is better to cover the surface with two layers of dense primer, otherwise the dark shade will still be visible through a layer of fresh light paint.

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