How to open a current account

When a company passes stateregistration, it is already beginning its existence officially, so there is a need to open a settlement account, which is necessary for carrying out transactions by bank transfer. Under settlement accounts it is accepted to understand bank accounts opened under the contract. An established phrase settlement account is used in bank terms to refer to accounts that are intended for ordinary settlements in rubles of the Russian Federation. Accounts can be classified according to the currency in which they are opened, from the account holder, the designated purpose of the funds held on the account.

In accounting terms, the term accounthides a table intended for the recording of property transactions, consisting of two sections, which are called debit and credit. Operations on the settlement account are accepted to reflect in book keeping on the basis of bank statements on the account and monetary-settlement documents attached to it. The banking agreement serves as the basis for opening a settlement account. Under it, the bank undertakes to receive incoming funds and credit them, follow the owner's instructions on transfers and issue of amounts from the account, as well as conduct other operations. Such a contract is often referred to in banking practice as a contract for cash management services, since it covers the work with funds in the accounts through their transfers and transfers (i.e., makes settlement transactions) and working with cash, accepting and issuing them, that is, cash work . The agreement in order to open a settlement account will be concluded on terms that are agreed upon by the parties. Banks do not provide the same conditions for all customers, so it is necessary before choosing a bank to determine what conditions it provides.

To enter into a contract with a bank, the company mustsubmit documents for opening a current account, for example, a certificate of accounting statement in a tax organization, confirmation of the registration of the insured in state insurance bodies. Before submitting documents, the bank has no obligation to enter into a contract. Different banks may have different conditions for the documents provided in order to open a settlement account, but there is a basic list of securities:

  • a statement written on the model, which is provided by the bank;
  • certificate of registration in state bodies;
  • constituent documentation confirming the legal status of the company;
  • two cards, on which there are samples of signatures and seals, one of them must be certified by a notary;
  • a copy of the certificate of registration with the Social Insurance Administration;
  • a copy of the certificate, which speaks about the registration with the tax authorities;
  • a copy of a certificate from statistical authorities on the assignment of OKPO codes, as well as classification features;
  • documents that are intended to confirmelection and appointment of persons authorized to manage the account (indicated in the bank card). Here we have in mind protocols of election, orders for appointment, on joining the office, and others.

After the bank opens a current accountto your company, within ten days you will need to file the relevant documentation with the tax authorities. It must be done without fail, otherwise the company will pay a fine.

In general, this is all the necessary information about how,how to open a checking account, in brief. In more detail this issue should be considered just before you start looking for a suitable bank, so that the opening of the account was made on the most favorable terms for you.

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