How to make a wish for the New Year 2018

The psychics are at a loss - why do people of the whole world not use the energy of the New Year's holiday with benefit for themselves? After all, New Year's Eve is a unique time when the forces of the Universe "work" on the accomplishment of all desires. Maybe the reason is that people have forgotten how to believe in miracles? Or, perhaps, we just do not know how to correctly formulate our desires?

How to make a wish for the New Year 2018


We make the formula of desire

How to make a wish for the New Year 2018. Useful tips psychics

Many may now think: "Why is it so difficult to make a wish? Ask and that's it!" But, in fact, the right "ask" also need to be able to. The whole point is that when we make a wish for the chiming clock, we send a kind of request to the Universe, and if this request has an incorrect wording, then the “answer” will not coincide with the desired desire. How to be in this situation?

The solution is to competently make a wish! To do this, consider the following tips psychics:

  1. Making a wish in the New Year's Eve, do not use negatives, in particular, the particle “not”. For example, the correct wording would be: “I want to be rich,” and not “I don't want to be poor.”Psychics explain this by the fact that for the subtle matter of the universal world the particle "does not exist" does not exist, so the request can be interpreted literally - with denial.
  2. It is impossible in the desire to affect the will of a person, for example, "I want him (or she) to fall in love with me." In other words, even the powers of the cosmos have no right to force someone to do a certain action or to experience feelings - this is certainly from the realm of fantasy
  3. Do not use categorical expressions in your desire, such as “surely come true”, “I want it at any cost”, “it must come true”, etc. Remember that the sky takes everything said literally, and for your every word, negative consequences can come.
  4. Specify specific dates in your desire, for example, “I want to become rich / happy / healthy in 2018”.
  5. It is impossible to use in your desire language, the essence of which implies a negative attitude towards another person, for example, “let this person (FIO) be dismissed in 2018 and invite me to his place”.
  6. The desire must be specific and clear, which means that you should not use the conjunction "or".
  7. When formulating a desire, one does not need to desire everything and much, for it is not for nothing that the saying goes: “Chase two hares ...”.
  8. The desire should be simple and short - no need to use the wise turns.
  9. The statement of desire must express the ultimate goal. For example, you want to buy an apartment in the Year of the Dogs. So, “ask” should not be money for its purchase, but it is housing itself.
  10. Making a wish in the New Year's Eve, mentally imagine how it comes true. Remember that all our thoughts have tremendous power and are able to materialize.

Rituals and rituals of making wishes to be fulfilled

How to make a wish for the New Year 2018. Useful tips psychics

In addition to the correct formulation of the desire, you need to make sure that you are heard in the universe. In this case, special rituals come to the rescue, which help the cherished “requests” to come true. What do psychics advise to do:

  • To make a wish in seconds of transition of one time segment (year) to another - in other words, to the chiming clock.
  • Write everything you dream about on a small piece of paper (you can even on a napkin, if you are not prepared in advance), then set fire to your letter and pour the ashes into a glass of champagne. At the time of the chiming clock, you need to drink the ashes from the glass, mentally pronouncing the cherished words. All this needs to be done before the chimes strike twelve times.
  • Together with the last strike of the chiming clock, you need to make a wish to jump from the chair (or just jump on the spot).
  • If your dream is wealth, then exactly at 12.00, while drinking champagne, firmly hold the banknote in your hand (it is desirable that the denomination of the bill be as large as possible).
  • While the clock strikes, you must have time to say your desire to the open sky. To do this, you can go out on the porch, on the balcony or shout the cherished words in the open window / window.

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