How to make a stool

May 16, 2011
DIY furniture

Stool do it yourself handsIt is not so difficult to make a stool with your own hands, the main thing is that the design is simple and at the same time reliable. It is this stool that is proposed to be made in this article. If the work is carried out qualitatively and take a good, dry wood as a material, then such a seat will last a long time. The material for the stool are dry straight-layer blanks of pine, they must be chosen without flaws - knots, cracks, chips, etc. All elements have a simple form that can be reproduced at home. The stool consists of the following parts: a cover, four legs, two tsarg and two proocks. The design of all parts is shown in the figure, where the dimensions of the elements are also indicated.

The cover blank consists of three glued plates of 23x110x340 mm in size. After drying, the workpiece is treated on an electrofuncer to obtain a thickness of 20 mm. A circle with a diameter of 32 cm is cut out from this blank with an electric jigsaw. The upper corner of the end edge of the seat is handled by a manual electropulter to give it a rounded shape (radius 10mm).

All four legs of the stool are identical in shape. They are drilled with a feather drill with a diameter of 20 mm in the nests for projectile - one pair of legs at a height of 100 mm, the second pair at a height of 120 mm. Both the marking and the drilling of the sockets should be carried out as precisely as possible so that the parts of the projectile, after assembly, touch each other, crossing without a gap. The upper ends and side faces of the legs are processed on a manual electric milling machine on the same principle as the corners of the cover.

wooden stool with his own hands

The ridges are made from round bars with a section of 20x20 mm. The corners of their side faces are cut by an electric milling machine in four passes. In this way, parts of practically round shape are obtained. Tsorgi stools crosswise in a half-tree. In this place the connection of parts must be made with a slight tightness and at a right angle. It is possible for greater strength to fasten the tsarga with a 50 mm long screw. At the ends of both of the tsargs there are spikes, which have a certain peculiarity: the lateral shoulders of these parts are sawn at an angle of 45 degrees with undercut and indented from the marking to the outer edge by 2 mm. If you do not do so, then at the junction of the tsarg with rounded legs there will be cracks and the connections will be inaccurate.

The assembly of the stool begins with the connection of the piazzas. They are attached crosswise and screwed together.On them one pair of legs with a prozhka gets on, and then and the second pair (nests for thorns are previously greased with glue). Without waiting for the glue to dry, the structure is placed on a flat surface with the legs up and leveling the location of the legs so that they are at right angles to the supporting surface. At the intersection of the projectiles, a through hole with a diameter of 0.6 mm is drilled and a dowel pre-plastered with glue is hammered into it. After the glue dries, install the cover, attaching it with furniture corners and screws 15 mm long to the flanks. After assembly, the stool must be cleaned with sanding paper, covered with stain and opened up with several layers of furniture lacquer.

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