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April 14, 2013
DIY furniture

Sofa do it yourselfYou can relax from a busy day on a comfortable soft sofa with a cup of fragrant tea in your hands or a book. This piece of furniture has been used by a person for quite some time now - already in the middle ages, small comfortable sofas could be seen in the palaces of the court and nobility. The word “sofa” of Turkish origin and historically it meant wide and deep sofas with armrests located at the backrest level. A modern sofa is most often a folding small sofa or a small couch with a back and soft pillows. Rolled mattresses are now becoming an indispensable attribute of the bed and sofa, due to its versatility and ease of movement behind its owner. Your usual mattress will always be with you and will provide a healthy sleep in a new place.

At first glance, it seems that making a sofa with your own hands is not easy, but there are such versions of these products that you can do on your own.

Wooden Pallet Sofa

Wooden pallets, often called pallets, can be used not only in warehouses and stores. These products can serve as a blank for many pieces of furniture, including for the sofa. So, from a durable wooden pallet you get a stylish and comfortable sofa bench, which also has a secret to everything - you can arrange a place to store various things in the back and seat of this piece of furniture.

For the manufacture of such a sofa you will need: the pallet itself, a screwdriver, a saw, metal corners, bars for legs, boards for covers.

    1. The wooden pallet is sawn as shown in the photo.
    2. Pallets are turned over one of the halves and square wooden blocks are placed in the corners.
    3. They are attached to the pallet with metal corners on the screws.
    4. For greater stability and reliability of the entire structure, metal bars are also used outside, also fastened to the screws.
    5. The second half of the pallet will serve as a back. She put perpendicular to the seat and also use the mount in the form of corners.
    6. So that the back does not stagger, it is also desirable to use additional fasteners in the form of metal slats.You must make sure that the legs and back are not loose.
    7. The surface of the resulting bench should be smooth, without cracks and roughness. All defects can be covered with putty for wood or plaster. After that, the surface is sanded with sandpaper or grinder and cleaned of dust and sawdust.
    8. Before painting, the bench-sofa should be primed with a specially selected composition that will prevent the wood from deterioration and allow the paint to be applied more evenly.
    9. Then proceed to painting the bench.

sofa sofa do it yourself

  1. On top of the back of the bench will be closed with a lid, which will use the resulting space as a place to store various things. To do this, use the board on the size of the upper part of the back of our sofa.
  2. This board is painted with the same paint as the main structure.
  3. The cover is attached to the back on metal furniture hinges, which are fastened with screws.
  4. The lid opens easily and effortlessly and reliably protects stored items from dust. In this place, you can fold bedspreads and blankets, cushions, towels, bed linen and much more.
  5. The main part of the sofa is ready.
  6. In order for a wooden bench to become a cozy sofa, large soft pillows are placed on the seat and back, which can be either monochromatic or colored.

sofa sofa do it yourself

Sofa by the window

In Western countries, the so-called window seat is very popular - small sofas in the form of a backless sofa, which are located by the window.

Sofa do it yourselfIn this case, the seat can be either the sill itself or a separate structure. At the base of such structures are often equipped with boxes for storing various things, and the window sill or bench is covered with a soft mattress or replaceable pillows. You can make such a sofa and armrests, using as them two small pillows or rollers.

Such a sofa will probably be in demand, because there is enough light from the window to read it, and this place usually comes out very cozy. If the window niche turns out to be recessed in the wall, then you can fence the sofa by the window with light curtains and thus create a secluded place. On the website you will be offered twisted mattresses with which you can cover a sofa of a much larger area for a large family.

Creating such a sofa is beneficial not only because it allows you to use the space by the window wisely, but also in this way you can increase the number of seats in the house. especially children like these corners, because you can make it your own territory, where you can hide at any time.

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