How to make a paper from a paper

One of the favorite childhood entertainments is to launchships in the spring, when the snow has already begun to melt. Probably, each person dreams to again experience those unforgettable sensations when the own made boat races along the melted spring waters and streams. But to return to childhood, you must have the main attribute of this fun - a paper boat. How to make a steamer from a paper? Let's try to find the easiest way.

origami from paper steamshipIn order for the ship to turn out to be naturalistic,It is best to use the world famous handicraft technique - origami. Thanks to her, you can make not only a beautiful hand-crafted article, but also a really necessary thing, which will become a useful requisite for a game or simply a decoration of the interior. That's why this technique of assembling bulky paper figures is most suitable for making a steamship of paper with your own hands.

Origami is a unique technique, with the help ofwhich can be made voluminous bodies without the aid of glue. Therefore, for the manufacture of the boat you will not need glue. The necessary material is a square sheet of paper. The size of the sheet should be chosen based on the size of the future product. The finished steamer will be approximately 4-5 times smaller than the original material, this must be taken into account.

how to make a paper from a paperLet's figure out how to make a steamer from paperstep by step. First, we add the prepared square sheet diagonally, one at a time, and then the other. Re-open it and bend the four corners of the sheet to the determined center. Then turn the paper over and do the same again. In total, the corners will have to be folded to the center of the square three times, and the figure must be turned three times also. These actions are performed alternately. The last stage in the design of the ship will be the creation of two of its pipes. Select the two most similar squares separated by a diagonal fold line, and on this line expand them to rectangles. Then bend the resulting product in half, and now your ship is ready with the help of origami technique. From the paper, the steamer, as you can see, is very easy to make.

steamerThe made boat can be decorated. So that he can swim longer, on the bottom and sides of the steamer should be pasted pieces of cardboard. Previously, the paper can be painted in some bright color, so that the boat looked even better. Now you know how to make a steamer from paper. This ability at any age will help you to return to childhood and take part in fun fun to launch ships in the spring together with their children and grandchildren.

So, you now know exactly how to make outpaper steamship in stages, as well as the fact that origami - an excellent technique of needlework, which helps create amazing three-dimensional figures of any complexity, form and form of a simple piece of paper. Apply this knowledge in practice as often as possible, so as not to forget the studied schemes, and make unique paper crafts that can help organize any games and fun.

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