How is the barcode made?

Any buyer probably noticed that on the packaging of almost all products there is a sticker with a bar code. It carries all the information about the product and is distributed everywhere. Apply a bar code using special printers. Barcode printing can be performed using two technologies - thermal transfer or simple thermal printing.

The Godex EZ-1105 barcode printer can work with this and other technologies, depending on the need and the type of surface to be printed on. The printer can print on almost any material (polypropylene, paper, cloth, thermal transfer labels, etc.).

The Godex EZ-1105 uses an improved label edge sensor and a good material recognition system, which allows the printer to automatically recognize the label material as well as print boundaries.

In addition, there is a special slot on the back wall through which you can print on non-standard materials, such as rolls of large labels.It is possible to additionally purchase special holders for such printed materials.

Since the Godex EZ-1105 printers have a simplified design and a more than affordable price, the basic set of accessories and options is rather small. But any necessary additions can be purchased separately.

For example, a LAN module, after installing it on a printer, this accessory will allow you to install a printer anywhere connecting it to a remote computer via a network.

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