How to install the eaves

September 30, 2011
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How to install the eavesWhen making the window often the question arises how to install the eaves. From that, how correctly and exactly its installation is made, its further operation depends. In addition to the function of supporting curtains, the eaves can also serve as a decoration, decorating windows and being an element of the overall design of a room. In this regard, there are a large number of different eaves, differing in materials, type of attachment, appearance and location. In many ways, the type of cornice is determined by the type of curtains for which it is intended. The choice of the cornice is extremely important, because an incorrectly chosen element of window design can ruin the look of even very expensive and beautiful curtains.

When installing the eaves, it is important to correctly dimension at the beginning of work. In order for the eaves not to interfere with the free opening of the window, it is necessary to provide a sufficient distance between the upper part of the frame and the eaves. Usually the minimum distance is 5 cm. The eaves must be removed from the window and wall in order not to touch the window frames and not to cling to the radiators. The distance from the wall to the curtains should not be less than 10 centimeters.You should not hurry when installing the eaves, because the quality of all the necessary measurements and careful marking determine the success of the installation of the eaves. And the curtains will be arranged nicely and evenly.

All curtain rods for curtains can be divided into four groups according to the type of material used for the manufacture:

  • Wooden;
  • Plastic;
  • Metallic;
  • Strings.

how to install plastic corniceBy way of fixing distinguish ceiling and wall cornices.

When choosing a cornice, you must follow some rules. First you need to determine the installation site of the eaves - on the ceiling or on the walls. Then you need to choose the look and materials of the eaves, depending on the overall style of the interior, color and style of curtains.

Before buying a cornice, it is necessary to measure the window opening. For proper installation of the eaves on the ceiling or walls, it is necessary to take into account that its length should be on average 30-50 cm longer than the window opening. And, as already mentioned, you should make sure that the curtains will not catch the radiators, as well as measure the distance for the window to open freely. If you have purchased a cornice of greater length than necessary, then it can be easily shortened with a hacksaw.

Install cornice

After selecting the cornice, you can proceed to its installation. Installation usually begin with marking the attachment points of the cornice brackets. They are placed at an equal distance from the center of the window. Using a level and a ruler at the height of the fastening of the eaves mark the horizontal line and on it at equal distances from the center of the window mark places for fasteners. After checking the symmetry of the brackets attached to the ceiling or wall. To do this, first mark the holes, and then drill through them and insert dowels. The brackets themselves are fastened with screws. It is necessary to use fasteners designed for appropriate materials. After installation of the brackets, the cornice is fixed in them and leveled in relation to the window.

Let us consider in more detail the installation options of the eaves.

  • how to install the cornice
  • Installing the eaves on the wall. Using a ruler, level and a pencil, we mark the horizontal line at the height of the eaves fastening. We measure the same distance from the vertical center of the window to the right and to the left; in these places we mark the places of fastening the brackets for the eaves. In the planned places we drill holes, fasten dowels and fasten the brackets with screws.We cling to the eaves, fixing it in the holes of the brackets, and, if necessary, align it with respect to the window, and then finally clamp it in the fasteners.
  • Installing the eaves on the ceiling. Such installation is carried out in the same sequence as when mounted on a wall, with the only difference that the location of the eaves and the attachment points of the brackets are marked on the ceiling. Then the fasteners are installed symmetrically to the window, the eaves are fixed in them and finally aligned with the window with the subsequent fixing.
  • Installing the eaves between the two walls. In this case, the length of the eaves should be equal to the width between the walls minus the thickness of the fastener. On each wall it is necessary to note the location of the bracket. This distance is measured from the ceiling and from the corner. Then brackets are mounted, and then everything happens in the same way as in the previous methods.

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