How to install euro fence?

Your fence was worn out, you decided to change the old fence to a new one. The best choice is the euro fence. Its installation does not take a lot of time, it looks amazing, for a long time it does not lose its appearance, and is also durable and does not require annual painting, which is already an obvious saving of effort, energy, money and time. You can order fences for giving in Novosibirsk on the website

So, you visited the store, chose the pattern and form of the fence, made the payment and on the same day the sections and columns of the euro fence were delivered to your home.

In order to put the fence, you can certainly find a special construction team. They will do everything, but at the same time you will have to pay, and to that you doubt that all construction standards are sustained and the fence will stand firmly and for a long time. If you nevertheless decided to put up the fence yourself, you will have to sweat a lot.

The first thing to do is to apply the markup of the future construction. After that, you need to die out. After all the dimensions are obtained, it is necessary to note the distance between the columns, taking into account the width of the column itself. Then put the tags where the pillars will be.Now the turn has come to proceed to the second stage.

Needed under each column to dig a hole. Attention, the pit should be as deep as the fourth part of the length of the pole. The width of the hole must be dug out from such an account, so that not only the pole can fit into it, but also there is still room for pouring the mortar. Now we put pillars on a level in the pits, we strengthen them. When every single pillar is installed and fixed, we fill the void of the pit with the prepared cement mortar.

So that the concrete was strong, it is necessary to start the solution at the rate of one to three. That is, one bucket of cement, three sands, mix everything thoroughly, pour water, shake until a homogeneous mass. Then with this solution pour voids holes with installed pillars.

Sections can not be installed immediately. It is necessary to allow the concrete to harden and dry. When the pillars stand firmly, you can proceed to the installation of sections of the euro fence. Due to the fact that each section has an impressive weight, so putting sections alone is not realistic. For this we need another strong male hands. When they are found, you need to take a section of the fence on both sides and at the same time insert into the openings on the sides of the installed posts.

And gradually, slowly to lower it to the very foundation.In order to avoid the possibility of skewing the pillars, it is necessary to take into account that the sections need to be installed in turn, first all the lower ones, after the middle row, and as the final stage, install the upper row. All the fence is ready and you at the same time spent only time and effort, but in return received a quality result.

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