How to get rid of mold

Today, there are many ways in which you can get rid of. Traces of mold can be found in almost any room. And such a pest to get into the house will not be a lot of work. It is only necessary to close the ventilation holes and turn off the heating. Thus, a lot of mold will appear, but only after a while.
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In order to avoid the “dilution” of the mold, everything must be done so that the ventilation is normal and the temperature is maintained. If you do not do this, then the walls will take dampness, and in the cold period of time a fungus will appear.
This is typical for the hungry season. You also need to remember that if you use substandard materials when finishing, this can increase the risk of fungus and mildew.
The main problem with the appearance of mold is that it will appear again and again. Because of this, when to get rid of such a problem, with the help of prophylactic agents (it is better to take the quality above), then you can get rid of it for a long time.

And if the mold appears on the clothes, then how to get rid of it in that case, because it will spoil the appearance of the fabric and damage it. In order to remove dangerous pollution, it will be possible to take advantage of the help of folk remedies, such as:
1. ascorbic acid;
2. hydrogen peroxide;
3. solvent;
4. soapy water.
And if you seriously consider such a problem, that is, special impregnations, antiseptics and a lot of different chemicals, with which you can easily remove the problem.

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