How to find your love?

Now on every corner they say about love, about itthey make films, make programs, admit it to the whole country, and even "build." It seems that behind these words nothing is hidden, except for the words themselves. Love is a complex feeling, which, perhaps, can not convey a single phrase. So, how to find true love, a spinning head, and stopping time? In the modern world, this is not easy. About her a lot of talk, but in fact she often turns out to be a pacifier. In this article we will help you find true love - pure and sincere. Follow our recommendations, and your world will shine with new colors.

Change the world view

  1. Paradoxically, the most desirable events in theOur lives occur precisely when we least expect them. So forget about the problem, how to find your love, just throw it out of your head. Everything has its own time.
  2. The very feeling of love does not occur in nature inpure form. It is built in painstaking diligent ways. The attraction of two people to each other gives rise to passion, respect and friendship, when it all comes together, and love is obtained. If you were lucky enough to receive this gift from heaven, take care of it and appreciate it.
  3. Do not choose love, she will find and chooseyou. Refuse the diligent search for your destiny, do not rush to the first person in contact in search of sincere feelings. In the future, this will inevitably lead to disappointment. True love needs to be earned. If you are still used to acting and can not start such a responsible business on your own, be prepared for change.

Become your ideal

Master those qualities that must beyour potential elect. If you want to be loved by a generous person, become one. Need warmth and affection - be ready to give it to people.

Love yourself

  • Be confident in your beauty, enchantment,sexuality. This will certainly feel the individuals of the opposite sex, and, of course, will be appreciated. Believe me, no one will love you until you do it yourself.
  • Regularly watch your appearance. Get up off the couch, and run to the gym. Go to a relaxing treatment (massage or spa).
  • Visit interesting places, go in for sports, dance, macrame, go to galleries, to exhibitions. In general, go everywhere, where you can get acquainted with interesting people.
  • Tell your friends that you want to find a soul mate. Maybe they will become the decisive link in your destiny.
  • Do not go back to the past, the doors have long since been closed. Forget about the former passions and hobbies, it's time to move on.
  • Smile lives right in the face, laugh and have fun. Positive people are much more attractive than sad and arrogant people.

Do not overdo it.

Try not to look worried. When you seek love too hard, it looks like that. Relax and be natural. A wandering hungry look in search of at least some prey will not add you extra points.

Look perfect

While you are thinking how to find true love, do notforget to pay attention to yourself. Always be prepared for what you can look at. Even to take out a bucket of garbage can be in attractive clothes, rather than stretched pants. Neither men, nor women do not like untoward dunks. In any situation, be in full readiness, perhaps, happiness is waiting for you at the nearest angle.

Be always ready

Life is too short to be postponed until later. Love can knock on it at any time, and, to this one must be ready:

  • Decided to lose weight - do it now, do not delay for a week or a year.
  • Stop storing beautiful clothes, wear it, be stunning every day.
  • Arrange yourself entertainment, they fill you with a positive.
  • No couples to go to an expensive restaurant? Friend in the hands, and go!
  • Do not go on vacation, because there is no one - stupidity, maybe the other half is waiting for you there.
  • throw out the terrible worn T-shirts in which you sleep, buy a sexy negligee. It will help you feel welcome. (this is exclusive for women).
  • Put the apartment in order.

Where to find love?

About how to find your love for a whilefound out, but, here, where to do it, we do not know yet. You have a good job, a wide circle of friends, acquaintances, but it is precisely the person necessary for the heart, no. What is wrong with you? Perhaps it's this:

  • Stop dragging your girlfriends with you. So you will find a pervert or a lover to drink. Often appear alone, but if you even went to the club with your girlfriends, try to disconnect from them for a while. Men are afraid to be rejected, so some prefer to get acquainted alone, suddenly a failure - although not so embarrassing. Being in a cafe with a friend your chances of getting acquainted are reduced by half, and if you are several, three times or four.
  • Stop pushing people away. Perhaps when you are acquainted with you a person is rude or too intrusive, this is a usual manifestation of insecurity, an effort to be steeper, and the fear of appearing soft. Communicate with him, give the opportunity to open, maybe this is the one you are looking for. Be prepared for any acquaintance: in transport, library, cafe, metro and store. Thousands of people were able to find happiness in this way.
  • Attend new places, try different entertainment venues, meet and meet new people there.

Let's imagine the situation: someone liked you and you are trying to start a conversation. What to do first of all is not worth it:

  1. To stumble and stammer at every word;
  2. boast and seem steeper;
  3. to worry about long pauses (the main thing, at that moment, to smile);
  4. be too intrusive.

The ideal option for first communication and acquaintance will be:

  1. exchange of impressions of what is happening;
  2. phrases such as "cool T-shirt" or "cute suit";
  3. banal "hello", and then as a suit;
  4. and, most importantly - a sincere smile.

We revealed to you the curtain on how to find yourlove. It turns out that much depends not only on the will of the case, but also on yourself. Do not lose the opportunity, use our secrets and recommendations, and the destiny will smile to you.

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