How to find time for life

One of the most common words in Russian is the wordtime. Set of proverbs and winged expressionsinvented the people to reflect their attitude to this precious, but fleeting gift. Indeed, our life is finite. Everyone knows this, but for some reason, some believe that the inevitable end will come from others.

how to find timeThere are different cultures with a fundamentally specific approach to the timing. Edward Hall was put into circulation termmonochronic and polychronic time.So, North America, Scandinavian countries,Germany belong to the first, monochrome type. People put time into segments, for which it is necessary to solve one task, that is, to get the result. It is from here that the roots of the expression "time is money" take root. On the contrary, in polychrome cultures, such as in India, Italy or Brazil, the main emphasis is shifted to the quality (context) of relationships during the performance of an activity. The inhabitants of these countries know exactly how to find the time to feel the taste of life.

"If I had free time, I would ..."(There is a list of all that has not been done, but the desired one). Each of us at least once in his life uttered a similar phrase. How to find time for yourself, for close ones, for children, for traveling?
To find time, you need to free it for the right and useful. Time management will give answers on how to implement this.

to find time

Time management is a Western invention. You do not need to turn into a robot and strictly mechanize your life. The main thing is setting goals and the need to prioritize. Let's enumerate several ways how to find time to perform a task, or rather, how to release it.

  1. 1. Set goals of different order. They can be global (for several years) and private (months, weeks or even days). This is a fundamental point. The goal is the destination. Aimless activity is good at certain moments of rest and relaxation, for example, on a sea holiday or a spa. Most of our actions are still connected with long-term and medium-term plans (get a good education, learn a foreign language, buy an apartment, become a family man). It is important to set specific goals with a description of the expected result and the time frame for achieving it.
  2. After setting goals, they need to be ranked,sort by importance. Here you should pay attention to the realism of the goals. You can discuss your list with a friend or relative.
  3. Next, outline an action plan ora sequence of steps to realize desires. The key is the ability to break the entire path from beginning to end into reasonable segments or portions of action. This principle is known as "Eat an elephant by piece."to find time
  4. Review your list of goals regularly and cross out the completed or irrelevant.
  5. Many forget themselves to praise and encourage. For each intermediate and final result achieved, a reward is awarded (a cappuccino cup, a movie, a new handbag or a car, a vacation abroad ...).
  6. Another interesting way, how to find time fortheir business is the rejection of devourers that destroy our temporary resources. These are chats, TV, social networks, smoke breaks, chatting with colleagues. In the day only 24 hours, one third of it goes to sleep, one third to work, another 2-3 hours to transport, an hour to eat, calculate the balance yourself.

Finding time is not so difficult. Dream, plan, act, get results and enjoy life!

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