How to dry flowers

June 21, 2011

How to dry flowersSummer gives us a lot of bright flowers that we want to admire after warm days, and this can be done if you know how to dry the flowers. If you follow some useful tips, then dried flowers can remain almost as beautiful as they are in fresh form. Of these, you can make floral arrangements and bouquets that will decorate your home in the winter and make it cozy.

Drying flowers consists in the selection of 40-50% water from their composition without damaging the shape of the petals and the external structure of the leaves. Not all flowers are suitable for drying, but very many: hydrangeas, pansies, marigolds, violets, zinnias and many others. There are many ways to preserve flowers in a dried form, and they are all aimed at preserving their maximum beauty and shape. There are ways to dry flowers in the sand, outdoors, in cornmeal and in the storm.

It is better to collect flowers on a dry warm day when the soil is not too wet. It is necessary to choose those plants that bloom the first year, and it is better to collect new flowers, because those that bloom not for the first day will lose their attractiveness in the process of drying.When choosing a flower, you need to pay attention to its appearance, so that it is free from damage and tears, because all the flaws after drying will be visible even stronger. For cutting flowers using sharp scissors or a special garden shears. Also, to dry some flowers, you may need a thin wire and green floral ribbon.

Drying flowers in the sand

how to dry a flowerThis method is one of the most reliable and proven, besides it is quite simple and inexpensive. An additional advantage of drying in the sand is that you can use this method for drying delicate and whimsical colors, such as marigold, zinnia, heathers, lobelia and bavili. Sand can be used from hardware stores. The selected flowers are instilled into it for a period of 1-4 weeks, and then carefully dug and cleaned from sand. Flowers dried in this way can last for about a year.

Outdoor drying

For this method, the flowers are collected in bunches and hung with their stems up in a cool room. This method is suitable for Irish bells, rogozy, tumbleweed, hydrangeas, immortelle. You can also dry herbs such as sage, mint, and thyme.Drying takes a total of two to three weeks.

Drying in the storm and cornmeal

Cornmeal and borax are mixed in equal parts and flowers are dipped into this mixture for 2-3 weeks. This method is suitable for a variety of colors.

Drying in silica gel

how to dry a flowerSilica gel is a granulated mixture that absorbs moisture well. It contains inflorescences (without stems) and is kept for 2 to 7 days depending on the number and type of flowers. Dried flowers are placed on a thin wire and wrapped in a floral ribbon. This method is used for roses, daisies, zinnias and a bib.

There is also a method of drying flowers under the press. This is when the flowers are placed between the pages of a large and heavy book.

If you are drying flowers for the first time, then for a start it is better to take plants with a yellow, orange, pink or white color. These can be marigolds, pansies, violets or zinnias.

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