How to do shugaring?

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How to do shugaring?

Girls like to feel comfortable notOnly in the summer, when it comes time of short skirts and open swimsuits, but also in the cold season. However, a permanent visit to the salon is fraught with serious financial losses. The easiest way to avoid costs is to prepare yourself a paste for sludge and sharpen the depilation skill. In this article, we will understand how to do shugaring at home on your own.

How to make a pasta for sludge

You will need:

  • 20 tablespoons of sugar;Shugaring
  • 8 tablespoons of water;
  • a teaspoon of citric acid.

In a metal bowl, you must mix everythingingredients and put on a slow fire. Stir until the paste boils, and then reduce the heat to a minimum. Continue cooking until the paste gets a dark amber hue. Consistency should be such that from a spoonful of paste slowly slipped, but not drained and dripped. After this, pour the paste into a jar and start using it.

How to properly do shugaring: instruction

  1. Wipe the desired area of ​​your skin with an alcoholic tonic to remove fat and pollution.
  2. Before applying the paste on the skin, sprinkle the skin with flour. Flour is safer,Shugaringthan, for example, talcum, but despite this, the effect will not be worse.
  3. Pick up a small, the size of a Greeknut, a piece of pasta, roll and knead it until it looks like chewing gum. After he changes, he will still have to stick to his fingers.
  4. Apply paste against hair growth, as if rubbing into the skin.
  5. Now that you have smoothed the paste, tear it from the skin. You need to do this solely for the growth of hair.

One ball can be used several times until it loses its properties.

Types of sludge

The procedure for hair depilation with sugar paste can be carried out on different parts of the body. It can be:

  • shanks;
  • zone of the axillary cavity;
  • thighs;
  • arms;Shugaring
  • stomach;
  • face;
  • classic bikini;
  • deep (Brazilian) bikini.

The most sensitive places on the body for depilationand hair removal - face, belly and bikini zone. Nevertheless, bikini remains one of the most popular zones for shugaring. There is an opinion that after a certain number of depilation procedures in the bikini zone you get used to pain and unpleasant sensations. But it's all individually: someone does not hurt too much for the first time.

How to make a sugar depilation zone bikini

If the hands, feet and face do not require specialapproach, then with the bikini zone shugaring, problems may arise, especially if it concerns a deep bikini. The basic rules that you should know when working with a bikini zone:

  • Pose. You should choose the most comfortable posture for the reason that depilation of the bikini zone will take a long time, especially for the beginner, and you can get tired. And you will have to sit withShugaringdilute legs. Also, if you choose a comfortable pose, you do not need a mirror.
  • Pain. Most likely, it will be very painful, especially if you do not have a multiple experience of going to the salon. Try anesthetic creams before the degreasing procedure, drink an anesthetic pill or wipe the ice cube with the skin and blot with a napkin. In this case, the pasta should already be mashed and lie at the ready, as the effect of ice will quickly pass, and on the wet skin of the paste just does not stick.
  • After you have finished work, take a special cream against irritation. Calendula oil is also very suitable - it will perfectly relieve irritation.
  • If the shugaring of the legs can still be treatedcalmly and after the procedure look into the solarium (depending on the type of skin), then after the slipping of classical and deep bikini, refrain from a couple of days from visiting the solarium.

Errors in the domestic hudgery

  • Too sticky paste. This can be caused by a violation of the formulation.
  • Pain. It can occur if there is not enough flour on the treated area of ​​the skin.
  • Growth of hairs. Take for a rule a couple of days after the slouching and then every two to three days to use a scrub. From ingrown hairs, a sugar scrub will help.

For more information on hair removal, see How to make hair removal.

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