How to decorate a room for the New 2018

Two too hot, fiery and nervous years flew by like a few minutes. Someone brought them joy, someone disappointed in their plans. It does not matter, it's time to think - how to decorate a room for the New 2018, a good Earth Dog is already at the door and ready to step into its rights. So, we’ll mark everything that was with us in these two years and decorate the dwelling in a completely different way; today we need to take everything earthly, warm and light in our hands.

Preparing for the arrival of the Dogs carefully, this sign does not tolerate fuss and will not accept your hastily hung garland. All decorations for the premises are strictly thought out and will be installed according to a predetermined plan. It is best to turn to feng shui, because the image of an animal, especially one so close to a person, is in all Eastern traditions.

First and foremost, consider the temper of the Dog. The creature is very kind and unforgiving, but in everything it tries to find harmony, rare dogs take extraordinary antics and decorations. Everything should be clear, ideally fit into the circle of the "family hearth" that you have already created in your home.We will embellish it a little, but we will not change anything - it is not typical for dogs - to rush for fashion novelties in order to leave a beautiful favorite thing behind our backs.

We do not regret tinsel from the ceiling

When the house has a lot of bright tinsel hanging from the ceiling, a feeling of unreality of time is created. As if you are flying into space, and meteorites and planets flicker around you, comets fly by. There are so many stars and stars that are enough for every inhabitant of the earth - let them fall, but they will surely burn so as not to cause cataclysms on the old planet Earth. Let this year be a lot of flickering, shining, iridescent lights. The more light, the brighter and more beautiful the illumination, the faster your luck will find in 2018.

Replace the textiles on the windows with something radiant. Curtains with a metal thread are perfect, it is only important that they are fireproof.

Plant a number of kids when you yourself make tinsel from beads, semiprecious stones and metallized parts - let there be a lot of short strings with decorations hanging from the ceiling. Use as a decoration various tassels - they are also attached to the symbol of the year.Room for the New Year, decorations

You can create the feeling of unreality in the room for this New Year yourself, just turn all the interior of the building into a fairy tale - let angels and light birds fly over your heads, and the richer the ceiling in each room will be decorated, the more luck and good mood will bring you next year. No particularly expensive jewelry and do not need - all these little things and details are in every home. Show imagination and use parts of children's toys, even buttons or household items - creative, unusual, bright.

Room for the New Year, decorations

One of the most beautiful ways to decorate ceilings - bright Christmas balls. Attach them to be sure to firmly, you can use the grid. Consider that if there are cats in the house, they will not like such decorations. Be sure to want to take off and taste. Mount firmly and securely, then there will be no catastrophes during the celebration.

Room for the New Year, decorations

Dogs do not respect bad taste, do not overdo it with colors and do not mix styles, choose one shade in decorations - then something really beautiful will turn out. If the garlands are hanging, then you can attach tiny birds or angels to them with your wishes - it is useful in holding competitions.

Decorate the windows, pull garlands on them.Put on the window sills slides with candles - let them burn all the time waiting for the change of years and a few days after the holiday, illuminating the way for the passing year.Room for the New Year, decorations

Feng Shui allows you to use materials of different types in decorations. Textiles, feathers, tinsel - all this will go to decorate the house. But do not forget about the sense of proportion, everything should be a little less than you want - collected a large basket with tinsel and decorations, set aside a couple of garlands, you definitely will not need them. And try not to mix colors too much - it’s better to stick with one tonality, such decoration looks richer, play of one color will create a brighter decoration than tinsel, balls, toys of different colors gathered in a pile.

Room for the New Year, decorations

Since we are talking about hanging decorations to the ceiling, do not forget about the chandeliers, this is a ready-made construction, to which you just need to attach prepared garlands. You can use the chandelier as the basis for winter ice natural lace: hoarfrost and frozen webs of paper, light plastic and white tinsel. Add to them a pair of white snowflakes, a little imagination - and your house will be covered from inside with cold snow frost.

Room for the New Year, decorations

With the ceiling finished, go to the walls

Recall that the dog has a romantic, loving character. Decorating the walls of your apartment from the inside, do not be stingy with wishes - hearts, angels, inscriptions can be made independently and hanged out all over the house. Let cute faces look at you from every wall, and under them there will be inscriptions about love, wish fulfillment, wishes of happiness. You do not need to make them huge at all - even in large rooms they look cumbersome. But small drawings and postcards - you can use as many as you like of these cute, unassuming decorations.

Room for the New Year, decorations

What color the snowflakes will be on the walls - depends on the general mood that you create in the room. On too light wallpaper, white snowflakes will be lost, but you can always hang a blue, green or orange curtain as a bright base, and attach light white snowflakes to it. Such drapery on the wall looks festive and bright.

And do not forget about the frames for paintings. Use light frames to create a New Year's mood is a must. There are infinitely many options for creating original compositions.Borrow the children in this work - they will love the process of creation, because there are real New Year's pictures, collected by themselves. By the way, here you can and do not save - the New Year's fairy tale can be very rich, in the frame of the picture you can conclude anything. Not only the usual traditional balls, ribbons, tinsel and spruce paws. Create real “living pictures”, the result can be unusual and very interesting.

Room for the New Year, decorations

Energetic Dog Decorations

Do not be surprised at such a wish to bring energy into the house - the new year is coming, everyone needs a lot of strength and good mood to make the year a turning point for you to new beginnings, to achieve important goals.

Among the interior decorations must be the symbol of the year. If the house has a living favorite, just prepare for it a special outfit, which you will wear for the New Year. And yet it’s not worth putting up a wall or in the corner of a room that says that the year of the Dog is expected.

In the style of "country" will look great small dog kennel, standing under the Christmas tree. By the way, if you like baking, make such a big kennel out of ginger dough - then you can eat the cookies with pleasure.Room for the New Year, decorations

Christmas wreaths are obligatory in the Christmas decorations of the house - there may be a lot of them, each room has its own, they can be hung on windows, doors, walls. This is the year of the Earth Dog - one of the most beautiful and most current interior decorations. Do not forget about the figurines of dogs, they must be placed wherever possible.

There may be a lot of thematic decorations with a symbol of the year. Or collect a Christmas wreath with your own hands, in which the bones will be the main element - they are sold in pet stores, they are inexpensive and will not deteriorate. And after the holiday it will be possible to give to our smaller brothers.

Room for the New Year, decorations

Make a wreath on the principle - why not? Creative wreaths from corks are collected:

Room for the New Year, decorations

and yours will be one continuous beautiful interlacing of stones, then the symbol of the year will favor you all year round.

Throw away everything that prevents

And a week before decorating the rooms, try to free the room from all the old things, so you need to say goodbye to everything that is no longer necessary and makes it difficult to live a little. This is a good psychological dock for the New Year. It is necessary to part without regret with everything that has been lying for a long time, it is not used and pulls back.And you have a new happy period ahead - let there be a lot of free space for development.

We stick a little to old things and part with them with difficulty. We take it into our hands once a year, sometimes we wipe the dust and sigh all the time - where to hide away so that it does not take up space. Need to learn to throw away old things. Stop saving and hope that someday the next ten years will come in handy. This is an old heavy load, throw out without regret, so that new ideas and new perspectives grow around you.

The dog is sure guard and strong friend

Year of yellow-green, pick up the jewelry will be very simple. The main idea nevertheless belongs to spruce or pine - here you have green color, and replace yellow with gold in all its manifestations. Since orange shades are advised to use by professionals in decorating the interior, and the New Year is associated with the smell of tangerines - decorate the Christmas tree with this fruit or create a real tangerine tree with your own hands. If you can buy such a miracle and put it in the center of the room, then it will perfectly replace the Christmas pine tree for you. To embellish a little, put on the tinsel on it - and the new creative look of the New Year tree is ready:

Room for the New Year, decorations

Now let's continue the idea of ​​orange color in the interior.Do not neglect the inexpensive plastic, all that you now buy to decorate your room, it will still come in handy at the cottage. So why not turn your room for the New Year into a “summer” room? Orange decorative fences, bright plastic dishes, a little imagination and your room will turn into a country house.

We are pleased to use balloons for decorating the premises. It is possible this time to completely change the room by filling it with balloons inflated with helium. We do not forget to put in each a wish and a mini surprise - so that only the balls would last at the ceiling at least a day. And in order to preserve a single conceived style, again use only green and yellow materials, such a design will be most liked by children - that’s for sure, you can play for a long time as soon as the balloons start to settle on the floor.

Room for the New Year, decorations

Paint the windows yourself

We will not stick paper and snowflakes on glass this year, let's take a picture on the glass, especially since such drawings are easily washed away, after which there will be no need to do general cleaning of the rooms. Use to draw toothpaste - you can use stencils or draw by hand - how anyone will succeed.The main thing is not to be afraid, because the toothpaste is perfectly washed off from the glasses and makes them even more transparent after washing.

Apply a layer of toothpaste on the glass, let it dry, and now draw the pictures with a thin stick. You get beautiful pictures, so snowy and clean that you don’t want to part with them.

Room for the New Year, decorations

To make the pictures a little brighter, on a white background you can paint with watercolors, buy gold tinsel and attach it to the background, while the paste is still not completely dry. So you do not spoil the glass, there will be no worries with cleaning the windows after the holiday. And when the picture on the glass is ready, place it on the windowsill of porcelain or plush dogs - it looks very beautiful. Your symbol of the year will be glad to such decoration of the room.

It remains to add yellow and green color in the decoration of the premises. This is best done with bright large candles. If there are candelabra - very good, but you can do without them. Use a large wide plate and make a composition of several candles on it.

Room for the New Year, decorations

We decorate the table and chairs

All corners of the room are already decorated. On the ceiling tinsel, windows painted, on the walls of paintings and drawings. It remains to decorate the table and chairs, to finally invite guests to celebrate the New Year.

Since the dominant color this year is yellow, it is best to take two tablecloths of a contrasting color and lay the table with them so that the corners of the bottom cover are visible. What color will be your tablecloth - depends on the overall decoration of the room. But since the Dog is Yellow and earthy, stick to the natural shades, let everything remind the village.

Room for the New Year, decorations

It is also worth decorating the chairs: bows, fir branches, beautiful napkins. Create a single style in the room is not difficult, you need to make a minimum of effort and a maximum of imagination. Now we will put a napkin for each device, you can also put candles, a little tinsel around each device, tie a bright ribbon to a knife, fork or tie a glass leg.

Needlewomen will be able to use their work in decorating the table - embroidered napkins, towels, towels. The dog favors those who can sew and embroider, so use your blanks to show them to the symbol of the year.

And the last wish to decorate the premises is to use fir cones: you can make various decorations from them, weave them into branches to create a Christmas wreath, paint them with gold paint, hang them on the Christmas tree or use them instead of balls to decorate the ceiling.

Decorate the facade of the house

Everything inside is ready, it remains to decorate only the facade of the house. For him you need to cook lapnik and cones, Christmas wreaths made of straw, various branches with ribbons and Christmas balls will look great. Do not weave anything beating into the Christmas wreath - pets will hurt their paws while walking, and it is not recommended to grieve the Earthen Dog.

Now go out to the winter games in the yard and make some snowmen. You can also put a dog made of snow next to them - such a composition would look great. And instead of a traditional bucket on the head of a snowman, you can stretch a bright orange basin, wrap a scarf around your neck, stick a twig with tangerines in your hands - even if your snowman has a New Year mood.

If there are several small artificial Christmas trees - put them around the snowmen, and summer garden decorations with LEDs will be useful to decorate the Christmas trees themselves. The holiday should be bright and unique.

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