How to decorate a room for a child with their own hands: hand-made and the secrets of inexpensive repair

on 08.06.2016

All parents want to make a room for their child that resembles a fairy tale, pursuing one single goal - the comfort and well-being of their child. To think about the design of the child's room begin even during pregnancy. But when the child is already starting to play, to consider the interesting elements of their housing, you need to pick up decorations and toys that will not only please the baby, but will also be safe. You can create a unique decoration with your own hands, putting all your love and care into it.

The main thing in the article

What decorations to choose for the children's room?

All decorations for the children's room should be not just knick-knacks, but also elements that will develop in your child:

  • sense of style;
  • talents;
  • artistic taste;
  • striving for order and cleanliness.

Important! Any element of the room, be it a toy, furniture, handicraft, a lamp - everything should be safe for the baby first of all!

Choosing wallpaper, glue, toys, material for handicrafts, you need to be interested in the seller or read in advance yourself what material was used for production, is it not toxic? After all, children, especially small ones, discover the world through touch, often tasting it.

Origami Craftsperfectly decorate the walls of the room, making them more voluminous. A variety of pockets on the walls will cause considerable interest of the young researcher. For girls - colorful flowers, for boys - beautiful boats and cars.


Wall muralthey will allow the child not to part with their favorite cartoon characters or transfer him to the fairy-tale forest, to a green glade with a large number of small animals.

Multicolored pomponsmake the room colorful and airy. It will take little time to create them, but there will be a lot of joy and happiness!


Bright rugmade by the hands of the mother will always remind you of the care and love of the parents.

Diverseapplications and drawingson the wall can be done with your child.The main thing is that your creation embodies the interests and hobbies of the baby. Do not forget about the interior of the room, all crafts should blend in harmoniously.

Garlandsto your taste will be not only decoration, but also the object of the game. The elements can be hearts, stars, flowers, leaves, in one word - all that will attract attention. It is better to make garlands colored so that a certain color does not bother.


Accessories for your favorite toys. Updates for dolls, little men for cars or a garage - all this will please the child.

It is very important to take part in games, help create new elements, then your baby will not feel lonely and attract your attention by any means. For example, throwing old toys and demanding new ones.

The problem of disorder can be solved, literally, with your own hands. An inconvenient toy basket can be turned into a small ottoman or a soft armchair. But you still need to teach your baby to order, then in the future you will not find crumpled books and notebooks on the floor.

When the child becomes older, there will be a problem: where to put the books? To solve this issue, it is better to connect a dad who can easily make shelves, and mother will decorate them. It is necessary to hang them up at the height accessible to the child.

The list of children's room decorations can be continued for a very long time, the main thing is to have a desire! It is important not to clutter up the space and comply with elementary color solutions.


Photowall-paper for the nursery: cheap finishing for the fantastic room

Popular are wallpapers that are available to everyone. With their help, you can recreate a fabulous world. The main condition is the consent of the child: thus, choose the wallpaper should be together.

This wall decoration is very simple - every adult can put a picture on the glue assembled from separate elements. There is a huge selection of photo wallpapers on the market. With their help, you can not only please the baby, but also revive the interior coloristics for a small amount.


DIY handicrafts

Bottles - a unique material for creating crafts. What of them just do not! It does not need to spend special money: this is what we constantly throw in the trash. So why not please your child, showing a little resourcefulness and imagination?

From the bottles you can make a lot of crafts, both for the boy’s room and for the girl. Jewelry box, funny penguins, hanging toys, snowflakes, flying bees, airplanes - incredible,but all this is done from different plastic bottles.

Below we present to your attention several options for crafts.







Do-it-yourself frame: picture frames made of candy boxes and roll cork

It is very simple to assemble a beautiful frame for a picture or photo from a candy box, which we usually used to throw out. To do this you will need exactly the pan, in which are candy. Most often, it has bulges at the edges, which will be the edges of the frame. In its pure form, the pallet is not suitable for the frame, but if you decorate it - stick a gift paper or paint it, you get a unique frame for the works of the little artist.


From a rolled cork, which has long been the canvas for the creation of a unique interior, you can create a very beautiful frame. It is better to use this material in different colors, cutting out the figures for the decoration of the frame. Also, the cork roll is treated with varnish that will only enrich its appearance and make the frame durable.


DIY pillows for the nursery

The child moves a lot and often moves around the room, changing his place of play.Small pads can create comfort, softness and warmth in any corner of the room. They can also be used for playing, if done, for example, with eyes, in the form of animals or sea creatures.

For sewing such decorative pillows should choose thick fabrics. For example, flax or cotton. Filler, you can choose holofiber or sintepukh. This pad can be permanently washed, keeping its appearance and shape.

Tailoring does not require special skills, the main thing here is to include imagination. You should not choose dark and dull colors, the brighter, the more beautiful and interesting.





Hanger do it yourself

Do I need a coat rack in the child’s bedroom? Needed, but small, literally 2-3 hooks. The most convenient and high-quality hanger is on a wooden base with several hooks. How to attract the attention of the child so that he would like to hang his things on a hanger, and not throw them on the bed?

A huge role is played by the age of the child, if he is very small - then the images of animals over each crochet are perfect. If you already have a student, you can use a tree branch, which will need to be pre-treated and varnished for durability. Ask your dad to firmly attach it to the wall at a height accessible to the child.After that, you can make a wall appliqué in the form of a tree, the continuation of which will be our hanger-branch. This original decision will not only please your child, but also teach him to hang his things in place.


Cloth and paper letters

At the age of 5 you need to start learning the alphabet in a game form. The cubes with letters quickly bore children, moreover, each cube has several letters, which often confuses them.

You can help your child by making letters with their own hands. In what ways?

  1. Sew soft letters from dense fabrics, revive them with eyes and mouth.
  2. Paper letters made of cardboard, to make them multi-colored, which will allow to repeat colors in parallel.
  3. Bulk cardboard letters. Occupation for assiduous and creative natures. It will take a lot of time, but it's not a pity for a child ...



Glowing paint: safe paints for the children's room

In the modern market there are paints with fluorescent and luminescent effect, which glow under certain conditions.

Fluorescent paint. They can be applied with a special brush, but in the afternoon your picture will not be visible. And by the light of a special ultraviolet lamp, it will shine in all colors.

Fluorescent paint.The pattern created by this paint will glow for a while after turning off the light.

When buying a luminous paint you need to consult with the seller, if you yourself are not an expert. After all, it is very important to choose a safe option that does not harm your child.

Your baby will definitely be delighted with the decoration of the room with glowing paint!


Original height meter with your own hands

Absolutely all children love to watch their growth, and for parents it is important to know that the child develops physically within the normal range. Previously, many made marks on the doors and walls, but given the good repair, do not really want to spoil it. With this control you will be helped by the height meter, which you can do yourself.

The height meter can be made using an appliqué with markings in centimeters, or by hanging the ribbon, on which growth will be marked with beautiful hairpins. Hairpins can be made from ordinary stealths by attaching a bow or a birdie to them.


Dollhouse or garage for cars made from scrap materials

To create such a house or garage you will need a cardboard box. It is advisable to choose a solid and solid.Partitions are made of cardboard, windows and doors are cut out. After that, all you need to paint or glue colored cardboard.

In the house for dolls can be made of cardboard small tables, chairs, cots. With such toys your girl you can’t put to bed!

If you make a garage for cars, then the box size should be chosen, given the size of the toys. The gate is not necessary to do, if the garage itself is large.


Such involvement of parents in the child’s life usually gives its results - the child grows cheerful, develops normally and communicates with pleasure, easily joins the team and of course knows that he is madly in love!

How to make an original shelf for books with their own hands tell the video.

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