How to decide: iOS or Android?

The choice between iOS and Android often provokes a stormy discussion between fans of both operating systems.

Supporter, each OS lists its own listadvantages, neglecting the competitor's address, indicating obvious shortcomings. But before you bring the pros and cons of each, let's imagine the statistics. According to data provided by Google, 7 months after the release of the new version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, only 7.5% of the devices running on this OS were updated. The company also cited data from its main competitor: in the same period before the new version of iOS 9, which was released in September 2015, about 84% of devices were updated in April 2016. These data make you think.

Arguments in favor of iOS

  1. Devices running on iOS, a hugethe list of which is presented on, have the ability to work with different applications more efficiently. For example, the same Chrome on iOS is much more productive.
  2. Features of the camera. When photographing, the resulting image can be immediately sent to Instagram. When working with Android, you encounter a lot of bugs, in addition, the camera on the Android device strongly compresses photos.
  3. Update speed. All iOS users do not have to wait for an update: the Cupertin players provide their users promptly. To note, some devices on Android have not yet received an upgrade to Android 5.0.
  4. Support. Devices running on iOS are supported for 48 months. For example, even the owners of iPhone 4s were able to get an upgrade to iOS 8.
  5. Level of reliability. Given the multimillion-dollar sales of devices, the manufacturer has achieved almost perfect software. Often, when devices on Android after 1.5-2 years of operation begin to "slow down."
  6. Protection. Apple took care of all possible protection against hacker attacks and hacking. And first of all it is connected with strict censoring of the App Store. When buying applications for Android, many malicious systems can be integrated into official programs.

Arguments in favor of Android

  1. Price. Smartphones on Android have always been cheaper, not yielding to technical specifications. A good device on Android can be purchased for 350-400 dollars, on iOS - from $ 700.
  2. Personalization. Background, launcher, keyboard, all this can be changed, unlike devices on iOS.
  3. Display. Apple says that the screens of its products have no analogues and the quality of the image is always an order of magnitude higher. But in practice it turns out that this is not entirely true. Top devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG are equipped with quality screens. Yes, and they always had a diagonal, which makes viewing video and photos more comfortable.
  4. NFC. Apple categorically refuse to bundle their devices with the NFC function, and after all, it allows you to pay in stores.
  5. Choice of services. For Android users, a wide variety of services are available: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google+, YouTube, Google Now. For Apple, these applications are available, but not all work properly.
  6. Without annoying iTunes. Want to download music, photos - just connect the device to your computer without using additional programs, as is the case with iOS.
  7. Selection of applications. 3 years ago, the sale of applications for Android overtook iOS, while the prices for them from Android have always been lower.
  8. Firmware. Firmware for Android allows you to completely change the appearance of the OS, optimize it and even improve performance.

The conclusion of all this is for you to do. Someone categorically refuses from this or that system, but, having estimated the above reasons, can change the opinion.

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