How to choose furniture

How to save money and nerves when choosing furniture? We offer some practical tips.

1. Look for a prototype of what you need on the Internet. Your task will be to find the object, the style and form of which you are completely satisfied. Furniture is very easy to choose! At the beginning of the line write the word "elite", whatever you are looking for. This word will help you to find furniture with competent design among a set of ordinary offers.

Then you can buy similar furniture at a more affordable price. Collect a collection of what you like and print photos - with their help, the consultant in the store will choose similar furniture for you.2. Photographs print, put together, remove items that have lost interest to you. Similar models are grouped by 6-9: it will help you quickly navigate when you are in the store at the link

Sign the model names indicating the stores where the selected furniture was presented. 3. The whole room can also be hammered into a search engine, for example, “hallway interior”, “living room design”, etc. Before choosing furniture, draw a design project of the room.So it will be easier to decide what you want. Pay attention to the accessories: be sure to order high-quality design of curtains, it is the curtains that make the missing charm of your room.

Instead of the Internet, you can use interior magazines and cut out everything you need from there.5. Go shopping. Show the manager the collage you made and ask him to show something similar. You will be surprised, but most often all the necessary items are in one big store. Even if the product is not in the main exhibition, it will certainly be in the catalog of factories with which the salon cooperates. Do not rush to buy immediately all that you have chosen. Check out and take a look.

Ask the managers for the samples, put them together and at the family council decide what you should take. Only in this case, you can make a sensible purchase. If you do not have time to cut out applications from magazines, search the Internet for what you need, go to the store several times - trust the designer. Many professionals provide the service "express design" consultation. It usually takes 3-4 hours and is inexpensive.The designer will choose the style with you and give recommendations.

In this case, you will have a ready-made planning solution that allows you to arrange furniture in the room correctly. You will get a beautiful interior, and also save time and mental strength, and this, you will agree, is a lot.

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