How to choose a hot tub: the rules and selection criteria

Jacuzzi differs from ordinary plumbing counterpart in that it has an additional effect on the human body with the help of air-water jets. According to doctors, bathing, combined with massage, leads to the tone of muscles and skin, depending on the chosen mode, it invigorates or soothes.

Let's try to figure out how to choose a hot tub, so that its functionality is combined with aesthetics.

Consider whether you really need hydro-massage equipment - the installation and operation of it costs a lot of effort and large material investments.

Isn't it easier out of habit to soak in a regular bath?

Hot Tub Circuit
The hydromassage system built into the body of the bath consists of several required volume parts, which require additional space to be installed (+)

To avoid further misunderstandings, confirm the following factors before choosing:

  • the area of ​​the bathroom is sufficient to accommodate the bath;
  • thorough waterproofing has been carried out at the installation site;
  • the reliability of the floors fully complies with the installation requirements;
  • doorways allow you to easily deliver equipment;
  • the water supply is equipped with fine filters;
  • you are ready to spend time regularly flushing and cleaning the injectors;
  • You do not use bubble bath.

If something does not correspond, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Well, another “pleasant” surprise - your bills for paying for electricity will increase significantly.

Bath benefits
Properly installed and flawlessly functioning bath will make you forget about the decent amount spent on it, as well as problems with transportation and installation

If the difficulties did not frighten you, and the desire to purchase a hot tub has intensified, we will list the positive aspects:

  • the effectiveness of water-bubble massage is equivalent to the force of the impact of vertical water jets when taking a shower;
  • in contrast to the shower, in the bathroom, thanks to the horizontal position of the body, you can relax and distract;
  • many modes allow you to "customize" the optimal by individual standardsjet intensity;
  • Jacuzzi adoption can be combined with watching a movie or listening to your favorite tune.

The dynamic effect of water is useful in physical inactivity, obesity, and nerve over-stimulation. If you do not have enough time to go to the pool, the hydromassage can partially replace them. And now we will try to find out what needs to be considered when choosing a hot tub, and analyze the technical characteristics in detail.

Does the quality of the bath affect the quality of the material

There are no fundamental differences between the various models, as they all provide a massage process. However, the material may affect the service life of the product, its appearance, cost. Try to avoid obviously poor-quality products of economy class - for example, plastic. He quickly wears out, loses attractiveness and functionality. We recommend models of more resistant materials, which will be discussed in more detail.

Cast iron - the traditional solution

Due to the high heat capacity, cast iron is still a classic option for making baths, so many are not in a hurry to part with it.Conservative admirers of this material will tell you a whole list of its positive aspects:

  • low noise level;
  • high degree of wear resistance;
  • easy care, etc.

But the main argument in favor of the cast-iron bowl is the low rate of cooling of hot water.

Cast iron bath
Cast iron has always been notable for its particular wear resistance: the metal is able to serve 50 years or more. However, one should not forget that the aesthetic component does not depend on the properties of the material of the body, but on the quality of the coating

And now about the minuses. Difficulties may arise with the transportation and installation of equipment due to its large weight (this is the heaviest plumbing material of all). If additional mounts or holes are required, it is not possible to make them yourself. Do not forget about the cost - iron has always been more expensive than steel.

Image Gallery
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The classic form of cast-iron hot tub
The classic form of cast-iron hot tub
Technical equipment of the cast-iron bath jacuzzi
Technical equipment of the cast-iron bath jacuzzi
Unconditional heat engineering benefits of cast iron
Unconditional heat engineering benefits of cast iron
Long service life
Long service life

Steel - a budget option

Traditionally, steel is considered a relatively inexpensive material, although products with a hydromassage system will still cost a considerable amount - at least 20-30 thousand rubles. The cost consists of the price of the capacity itself and the costs of pumping equipment, the system of supply of air jets, non-slip coating.

Steel bath
Steel baths are often bypassed because of the stable opinion of them as the cheapest and noisiest products. In fact, modern models with hydromassage lack all the flaws of their predecessors.

Although there are not so many models on the modern market (compared to acrylic ones), they are bought with pleasure due to some advantages:

  • standard shapes (mostly rectangular);
  • lighter than cast iron weight;
  • average heat capacity of the material.

Previously, users were dissatisfied with the noise that steel produces when water is supplied, but this defect has been eliminated in the newest modifications. If you like inexpensive and simple classics, choose a steel model.

Acrylic - safe polymer

With the advent of light plastic acrylic, manufacturers of sanitary equipment quickly switched to new technologies, and now the lion's share of the market is represented by acrylic models.The service life of the baths is at least 10 years, but it does not apply to nickel-plated parts and flexible elements.

Of course, the material is not perfect. He is just as afraid of mechanical and chemical damage, can be deformed by the influence of hot water, “walking” under the weight of the body. However, this is more true for cost-effective, low-cost products; luxury offers are much stronger.

Acrylic bath
The average weight of acrylic baths is from 13 to 25 kg (excluding hydromassage equipment); therefore, many transport and install themselves. However, we recommend professional installation.

One of the main advantages of acrylic is considered to be the ease with which transportation and installation take place without problems. The surface of the material is easily cleaned with a simple soap solution or a special cleaning agent. If you use abrasive powders or aggressive chemical solutions, you can spoil the structure of the material and its color.

Manufacturers like acrylic for plasticity, thanks to which the sanitary bowls can be given any shape. It is easier to work with a soft material, respectively, the hydromassage system is also easier to install.

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Jacuzzi Market Leader - Acrylic
Jacuzzi Market Leader - Acrylic
Acrylic jacuzzi traditional form
Acrylic jacuzzi traditional form
Products for mini pools
Products for mini pools
The weighty advantage of acrylic plumbing
The weighty advantage of acrylic plumbing
Baths for small apartments
Baths for small apartments
Compact Seated Jacuzzi Pattern
Compact Seated Jacuzzi Pattern
Experiments in the colors of the bowl
Experiments in the colors of the bowl
Acrylic bath with panoramic window
Acrylic bath with panoramic window

Artificial stone - an elegant imitation

Designers are fond of materials from which it is easy to create unusual shapes. There was no exception and artificial stone, which in finished form according to the characteristics is not much different from natural. In fact, it is a frozen mass of natural origin with the addition of synthetic substances.

Artificial stone bath
One of the advantages of artificial stone baths is the variety of color designs. You can buy monochrome, as well as stylized natural stone (granite, marble) options

The basis of the material are rocks - marble and granite chips, quartz sand. Due to the color of the blotches, the bath gets a natural color tone. If you need an unusual color, add special dyes. The production technology is such that as a result we have a durable, wear-resistant material that is well tolerant of heating and exposure to chemical media.

Hydromassage baths from artificial stone are also made to order, according to specially designed projects. It is expensive, but comfortable and ideally suited for the interior style exclusive with a maximum set of additional features.

Which bath to choose: specifications

Acquainted with the functionality of the equipment, you will understand what features the bath has. One needs comfort in the process of receiving water procedures, the other - the power of the jets, the third - the design of the device and the compliance of the appearance with the stylistic features of the room. The ideal is the choice in which all the necessary characteristics are harmoniously combined.

Size: from sitting model to mini-pool

Bath dimensions are limited by the size of the room in which it is planned to be installed. If you live in Khrushchev, then a horizontal type of hydromassage structure is out of the question. The only thing you can count on is a multifunctional shower stall, but also under the condition of sufficient water pressure. Otherwise, you will have to get by with a regular bath 1.5-1.7 m long.

Owners of bathrooms with an area of ​​7-9 m² can count on compact hydromassage devices of angular or rectangular type.

Direct bath against the wall
Direct models are designed for installation near the wall or in the corner, take up relatively little space. To oblong the room did not resemble a narrow corridor, a bath set along the short wall

Angular models are of two types: with the same and with different sides. You should choose the one that looks more harmonious in the interior. Do not forget that in addition to sanitary equipment in the room must be present furniture.

Devices without corners, that is, round or oval, are appropriate in large areas. They are installed in the center of the room, in the middle of any wall, in the corner - that is, in any place you like. Do not forget when calculating to take into account the dimensions not only of the case, but also of additional equipment (it can be seen on the installation diagram).

Do you need a powerful pump

The electric pump is responsible for the circulation of water in the system: the flow of the required amount of liquid through the nozzles into the bowl, the speed of the circuit, the force of the jets. To ensure aeromassage, a compressor is operated in parallel with the pump, which mixes air flows with water. Aero massage devices are easily recognizable by the mini-jets located at the bottom of the tank, while the outlets for the jets are usually located on the walls.

Power supply connection
Hydromassage baths are powered by electric energy, therefore, to connect the system, in addition to the water supply and sewer network, it is necessary to provide access to the power source

If the bath is equipped with one hydromassage pump, then its power will be equal to 800-900 watts. The design of the overall devices needs two pumps, then their total power will be about 1500 watts. You should also add the power of the aerocompressor - 500-700 watts. It is estimated that the capacity of hydromassage mini-pools with a full range of equipment and drainage system can reach 25-30 kW. But it is rather an exception.

A bath for home use in the middle price category usually has a pneumatic control method and 6 standard nozzles, which are serviced by a 700-800 W pump. Equipping a sanitary device with aero massage - plus another 1 kW.

Number and location of nozzles

The type of massage you can count on completely depends on the location of the outlet openings - nozzles located in different parts of the walls and the bottom of the body. From above, they are closed with a metal or plastic plug with several mini-holes,providing a process of spraying a water jet and mixing it with air.

Nozzles come in various types. For example, those at the bottom form bubbles for delicate aero massage. In rectangular models, 12 pieces are arranged in pairs along the entire length of the case. Rotary nozzles emit not a direct, but a spiral flow of water, which provides a more powerful effect.

Hot Tub Nozzles
The appearance of the nozzles arranged in rows on the bottom and walls of the bath: metal chrome lining of various sizes and rounded shape

The strength of the action can be judged by the appearance of the injectors, namely, by their size. Large provide a strong release of water and are suitable for deep massage, small dispense the flow of fluid and produce a light relaxing effect. Often groups of holes are located closer to the center of the bowl, at the level of the lumbar and spinal section.

Multifunctional models can be recognized by a large number of nozzles of different diameters serving almost all zones - foot, back, neck. The selected mode will provide massage exactly the area that you need.

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Choosing a whirlpool bath system
Choosing a whirlpool bath system
Equipment for hydro and aero massage
Equipment for hydro and aero massage
Number of massage jets
Number of massage jets
Illuminated hydromassage system
Illuminated hydromassage system
Popular location of massage points
Popular location of massage points
Connection of water supply hoses to the injectors
Connection of water supply hoses to the injectors
Location of system control devices
Location of system control devices
Additional special effects and attractions
Additional special effects and attractions

Management system nuances

There are two types of control of the hydromassage system: mechanical and automatic (electronic). The choice depends on the comfort of making procedures and the cost of equipment in general.

Mechanical control involves the presence of manual switches - valves, levers, toggle switches, pneumatic buttons located on the side of the case. When choosing one mode or another, it is necessary to use some of them in turn, and in the simplest devices it is enough to press once to activate the water supply system.

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Mechanical whirlpool control option
Mechanical whirlpool control option
Electronically controlled hydromassage bath
Electronically controlled hydromassage bath
Animated work management systems
Animated work management systems
Electronic control unit jacuzzi
Electronic control unit jacuzzi

The electronic system is a more complex device, for convenience it is equipped with a touch panel and an LCD display.It allows you to easily navigate in a variety of proposed modes, choose one or a series of several, adjust the power, include massage of individual zones, etc.

Remote Control
Sometimes a remote control was supplied in the kit (or separately) instead of a stationary remote control (in the picture), so that you could control the whirlpool system while sitting in the bathroom and outside

The console is convenient if the “entertainment” unit is equipped with a built-in video player or a music center, as well as additional options - heated water, lighting, etc.

Maximum comfort: bonuses of expensive models

If you are staying on an expensive model, ask for additional features and decide whether you really need them, because the high cost is made up of just a set of nice “bonuses”.

One of them is the backlight, which is located under the water.

Bath backlight
Illumination is rather decorative. However, representatives of alternative medicine believe that the color effect has a therapeutic effect and can, depending on the choice of the palette, soothe or invigorate.

Manufacturers call the system chromotherapy illumination - this is the term you can find in the instructions.

Ozone therapy is another way to increase the comfort of staying in water, which has an additional therapeutic effect. The method of recovery, previously available only in thermal hospitals, moved to private homes. The essence of therapeutic effects in immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Hydrozone therapy is able to fight viruses, bacteria, besides well cleans the skin, making it more elastic.

Therapeutic effect produces and aromatherapy. In the special compartment it is necessary to place some essential oils, which, heating up, together with the hydromassage, have a healing effect. Choosing one of your favorite scents (roses, lavender, mandarin, eucalyptus) you can really relax and get a double pleasure from the procedure of taking a bath.

Bath with TV
The presence of an MP3 player, radio or video player allows you to increase the rest time. In addition, there is no need to install a TV or a music center in the bathroom, which are not designed to work in rooms with high humidity.

Additional technical options do not produce an external effect, but it does allow to make the bathing process as comfortable as possible. These include the following functions:

  • protection against "dry inclusion";
  • temperature control using a thermostat;
  • the presence of check valves in the nozzles;
  • automatic shutdown due to leakage of electric current;
  • Built-in water filters with replaceable cartridges.

The most expensive models are equipped with video and audio equipment.

Features design hot tubs

A variety of design concerns mainly the size, shape and technical equipment. The design of the body of cast-iron and steel baths is traditional, acrylic products are distinguished by a variety of forms of performance, and equipment made of artificial stone - and colors.

Unlike conventional baths, among which you can find samples in retro style or avant-garde performance, hydro-massage equipment looks mostly the same.

Hot tub design
Hydromassage modern devices have a similar design: the body is white, equipped with nickel-plated or gold-plated parts and decorative screens covering the pump group

You can find rare instances of unusual design, but they will be either very expensive copyright works, or custom-made. Therefore, keep in mind that the whirlpool equipment can disrupt the style of the bathroom, if you prefer country, Provence or English classics. But white gloss perfectly fit into the modern interior, decorated in the style of high-tech or minimalism.

Manufacturer Overview

The palm of superiority should be given to the creator of the Jacuzzi - the company Jacuzzi. Even models of economy class of this legendary brand look decent, and luxury offers are more like works of art. These are comfortable mini-pools with loungers and different levels of accommodation, filled to capacity with modern electronics.

Jacuzzi nova
Acrylic bath premium Jacuzzi Nova Corner Top worth 580 thousand rubles. electronically controlled and pre-installed backlight

The world-famous products of the company Villeroy & Bosh, engaged in the production of tiles, furniture and sanitary ware for bathrooms. Of particular note is the company's innovative product - quarian, an artificial stone, which has the strength of quartz and the elasticity of acrylic.

Quarian bath
Luxury models of quarian - a real decoration of the bathroom.There are more than 70 offers from Villeroy & Bosh, some of which are equipped with a hydromassage system.

If you prefer devices with sophisticated electronics, pay attention to the Italian brand WGT. A small electronic device on the side or a remote control is all that is needed to control a multitude of functions. With one touch of a button, you can use one of the many programs, which even includes such trifles as raising a shower head to a certain level or draining water after a designated time.

From domestic offers such brands as BellRado, BAS, Aquanet, Radomir are popular, and the Chinese manufacturer Appollo and German Bach have also won recognition.

Radomir bath
The bath of the Russian manufacturer Radomir from the Sorrento series, worth 100 thousand rubles, with hydromassage and bronze trim. A similar option without hydro-massage will cost 35 thousand rubles.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Useful videos will help you understand the variety of proposals and the nuances of installation.

About the benefits of acrylic:

Recommendations of Radomir specialists:

About the benefits of hot tubs:

Tips from a professional builder:

A bath with a hydromassage system is an expensive pleasure that will delight you over the next ten years, so you should take it very seriously. Consider the available offers, pay attention to the design features, study the technical specifications, consult with the experts and only after that make a purchase.

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