How to choose a flower pot?

Selection features

In flower shops you can find pots of all sizes, shapes, with and without holes. At the same time they can be clay, ceramic, plastic. Therefore, it is not easy for an inexperienced florist to pick up pots for their plants.

When choosing a pot you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Material. The cheapest and easiest pots are made of plastic. They are often bought for plants due to the fact that they retain moisture well and do not fight. However, in the composition of plastics are toxic substances that can harm the flower. It is best to grow flowers in clay pots, because they provide the necessary gas exchange and promotes good soil saturation with moisture. At the same time, they are environmentally friendly and waterproof. Ceramic pots perform a decorative role, they are used in tandem with plastic or clay pots.
  • The presence of holes in the product. The pot should have a drain hole at the bottom. This is necessary so that water does not stagnate and does not lead to rotting of the roots.Also, the hole is necessary for lower irrigation, because this is how a flower can absorb moisture with its roots. Pots without holes are called pots. They perform a decorative function. For example, they are put on clay pots. They also prevent the flow of moisture to the window sill or floor.

In the store you can buy pots for window sills, floor and hanging pots, as well as pots of various shapes and colors. Therefore, even the most experienced grower will be pleased with the proposed range.

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