How to check if a husband is cheating: the main signs of adultery, and folk ways to find out if her husband was cheating

on 27.11.2017

TOadulteryprone as husbands and wives. Only the reasons that prompted infidelity are different for both partners. Men crave the thrill of new sensations, and women go "left" from the lack of proper attention from the spouse. In this article we will discuss the betrayal of the stronger sex. Our advice will help you make sure or disprove the fact of adultery spouse.

The main thing in the article

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Do husbands often change?

To answer the question: “Do husbands change often?” You first need to figure out why they do this:

  • Lack of sexual activity on the part of the spouse.
  • The desire to get new feelings with another partner.
  • A good example of such behavior on the part of friends, colleagues, colleagues. The herd reflex comes into force.
  • Genetically incorporated polygamy. The task of the males is to fertilize, so the new female excites them more than the previous one.


The frequency of male treason in each case is individual.Psychologists and sexologists conditionally divided unfaithful husbands into three groups:

  1. Changeers in the first grouptwist love affairs two or three times a year. And theseintrigues last several months - up to six months. The husband very carefully hides betrayal from his wife, and after the end of the affair on the side, he has been faithful to his spouse for quite a long time. What is interesting: companionship is maintained with mistresses.
  2. The second category of unfaithful husbands does not turn long-term "shury-mura" - thisfleeting single instances when the opportunity turns up.Most often this happens during business trips, parties, resorts, in general, at the first opportunity.
  3. The third group of unfaithful husbands give birth to their mistressesthroughout marital life, even from the moment of marriage. They do not ring the bells about it, but they don’t especially try to conceal the facts of infidelity from the wife.A feature of this type is thatnovels can be both short and long. As soon as the previous one ends - the next one immediately begins.

Treason husbandThe main signs of adultery

No matter how cool, there isspecial signals talking about possible infidelity husband, which a woman can not smell:

  • SpouseI started late returning from work, leaving for unexpected trainings, seminars, business trips.Moreover, the family treasury from recycled time is not replenished. The spouse feels irritated, aggression, he is confused with the answers to questions.
  • Manstarted to take care of myself. He is always shaved and smoothly, went in for sports, updated his wardrobe. There is a scrupulous attitude to the cleanliness of socks and underwear, if this has not previously been observed.

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  • Became cold in bedin relation to you. If he compares you to someone, or blames you - this is not a good turn of events.
  • Alarmingchange in husband's sexual behavior. Suppose he became rude, impatient, selfish. Sex is reduced only to the pleasure of a partner, and the sexual act itself has become shorter.The husband insists on those sexual forms of intercourse that you have never tried, as if somewhere already practiced it.
  • Spousebe careful: cleans the computer's memory, deletes SMS from the phone, gets angry when you answer its calls. At the same time, he is removed to talk on the phone with someone in private, whispering, says furtively.
  • Little evidence: lipstick on the collar, other women's things in the car, photos on the phone.

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How to find out whether the betrayal of her husband's folk methods?

With the help of some tricks you can expose your faithful in treason:


  • Sniff the husband's body, any intimate closeness leaves each other's smells on partners. This may be someone else's perfume, deodorant. Pay special attention to the hands and neck.
  • Inspect Husband's Clothing for Traceslipstick, foundation, powder, etc.
  • Check pocketstrousers, jackets and jackets for the presence of unusual objects: checks from shops, movie tickets, condoms, business cards. Do it carefully, citing the need to wash these clothes wardrobe.
  • If a man watches over his male health, then he will naturally use a condom.And the latex smell of this type of contraception without washing will not go away by itself.
  • Immediately upon coming homelash out for love to make love. If you are denied, and repeatedly, then you should think about. Only you need to take into account who your husband works with, maybe he really gets very tired at work.


How to recognize whether a husband changes with the help of folk signs?

How can you tell if your husband is cheating with an accuracy of up to 100% using a test

All tests to determine the loyalty of a loved one are based on the main signs of marital infidelity, described earlier. Go heresuch a testIf you give a positive answer to half and more questions - there is reason to worry.

SnapshotOnly sensibly be aware that your husband’s behavior is best known to you, and not to the generated computer responses. Therefore, only your intuition and irrefutable evidence can convict a loved one of treason. No test and no fortune teller will give 100% correct results.


How to understand whether the husband has changed: the advice of psychologists

To live in ignorance is sometimes much more difficult than finding out the bitter truth. And let some of these tips recommend not only psychologists,but it will be much easier for you:

  • Directly ask questions.There is a category of men who simply cannot lie straight to their eyes. Or the man will not see the point of justifying himself, and he will tell you everything.
  • Track your husband. Say, this is a completely ignoble matter, but this way you will dispel all your doubts.
  • Create your page in social networks, and start a correspondence with her husband from another name, look at his reaction. You can buy a new SIM card, and write messages on behalf of a mistress.
  • Ask forprovengirlfriend seduce husband(you can just make eyes, show attention), it is not known how the spouse will react. But this is a very insidious idea, the outcome of which can be completely unpredictable.
  • Order a print of your favorite callsthen the secret can become apparent.


How do I know if my husband has changed his testicles?

Although it sounds ridiculous, some young ladies check a husband for loyalty with the help of his own testicles.

Upon arrival home, the husband must go to take a bath, if his testicles under their own weight sink into the water - it means everything is in order, if they emerge - recently there was sexual intercourse.

That's the whole trick of this method. We need to find an excuse to look into his bathroom in order to spy.Of course, this "grandmother's" method can not give an absolute guarantee of either betrayal or her absence.

How to determine whether a husband cheated on cowards?

  • If you are very determined and have the opportunity, then resort to the radical method -Take your spouse underwear for laboratory testing.It is easy to determine the presence of sperm in the content by traces on the underpants, or else some other foreign discharges.
  • Make fun of your spouse:as soon as he returns, lingering again from work - soak his panties in running water. At the same time, tell your husband that you are testing his loyalty by the popular method. If the morning panties rosy - was treason. At night, pour a little potassium permanganate or food coloring in the lock. The faithful husband will laugh and forget, and the traitor will fuss. Maybe even run at night to change the water.
  • There is another popular method, and quite aggressive. Even our ancestors women used it.Sprinkle the husband’s panties with pepper.. Naturally, he will have irritation, rash, itching. And you scratch with him at the same time, start reproaching your husband in venereal diseases, with which he rewarded you. In such an agony, the wrong can be split, he will not be able to conceal the presence of betrayal, and is recognized in everything.He will start running to the doctors, which will also be an additional reason for questioning..

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Has my husband changed me?

You can conduct a divination ceremony yourself, without resorting to fortune tellers:

33If you have Tarot cards, then use this fortune telling:

1If, however, the presence of betrayal was confirmed, then ourarticle.

How to find out if a husband is cheating on a pregnant wife?

The planned birth of a baby for a loving family is a huge and desirable miracle. But all individually, the expectation of the baby is not only joy, but also stress. At a time when a woman is watching every change in his body, a man thinks about how he will take care of a new family member in the material plane. For the future father, this is also a shock, some representatives of the stronger sex even evaluate the appearance of a child as a lasso cast around his neck. That is why they try to “take a sip” of freedom as often as possible (albeit with a wedding ring on their finger), resorting to treason.It is not necessary to generalize, but yes, some men cheat on their pregnant wives.

The main signs of treason remain the same, read them above. And herereasons for treason can also be:

  • The unstable emotional state of a pregnant wife due to hormonal changes.
  • Medical ban on making love in connection with the threat of abortion.
  • External changes spouses who do not excite the sexual appetite of her husband.
  • Worries of the wife only in preparation for childbirth, not paying attention to her husband.

No matter how the situation between married people, a woman should remember that the extra stress will negatively affect the future child.71448211

How to find out whether the husband changes on a business trip or at a distance: signs

When a loved one is not around for a very long time because of a business trip, or you have some time to live at a distance, unpleasant thoughts creep in your head: "What if he changes me?" Absolutely any wife with her gut feels when a loving husband's attitude towards her does not change for the better, and this:

  • Blessed does not call back, and do not get in touch via Skype in the agreed time.
  • Communication with you occurs automatically, the husband does not go into the details of your life (this does not apply to children).
  • The speech is absent-minded, and the husband is confused.
  • May declare that he is delayed on a business trip in connection with the appeared affairs.
  • The spouse is often drunk.

How to find out if the husband is cheating on the watch?

Find out whether cheating on the watch, it is very difficult. If the husband leaves for a long time and where there are no your mutual friends - he is free to do what he wants without fear of your control.

You can be smart: write your own fictional letter from your mistress addressed to you. And show it to your husband. He may jam and then split. And can unlock the end. Knowing your spouse, you must understand where the truth is.


Does husband change online: ways to check

Now the question has come upabout virtual treason, and whether it happens at all.This is as controversial a concept as treason itself. Some ladies do not forgive the languid look of a spouse at another woman, while others close their eyes, finding their beloved in bed with a spouse. In real life, everything is simple - lies and sexual contact on the side is a betrayal. And any virtual communication can always be justified. And who wants to wear horns? It is easier to believe the words of her husband, that this is just self-indulgence. All the same, he is at home nearby, but:

  • If the husband is personally acquainted with a special female, and by correspondence they maintain their communication between intimate meetings.. Of course, this is one of the evidence of the very fact of this treason.
  • Blessedexchanges erotic photos, correspondence, is in the Internet groups "18+".At first glance - the usual erotic prank. Only this fun quickly grows into addiction. The imagination of a man plays out, he always waits for the right moment to sit down at the computer. And then in every pretty girl he begins to see the object of his lustful fantasies.
  • Spousecorresponded with a completely foreign lady, frankly speaking about his problems, experiences, plans. It seems to be nothing shameful, but only this suggests that it is easier for the husband to open up to a stranger than the “native” wife. That is, trusting relationships in the family have been shaken.


The fact of virtual betrayal is not evidence of this novel on the side, but this suggests that the husband is looking in the virtual life for what he lacks in his family.

Signs of treason online can be:

  • The husband began to "hang" in the computer, if before this was not noticed.
  • When you appear in the room quickly closes the dialog boxes, browser tabs.
  • On the computer or phone set the password.
  • When you make a request, or say something to him - skips past the ears.

If the husband is doing his "virtual affairs" so covertly, then you can check for possible flirting on the Internet:

  • Directly asking: “What is happening, why did a man stick to a computer so zealously?”
  • Many men in the agony of the ongoing correspondence justforget to delete the story. Browse it.
  • Of course, ugly, but if there are passwords from mail or social networks -login on behalf of the husband on his pageperhaps the evidence was preserved.


Can a loving husband change: the opinion of psychologists

Alas, even psychologists are not gods. No one can penetrate the thoughts of another person, and anticipate his reaction, or action. Sometimes even the person himself commits spontaneous, thoughtless actions, which then can not logically explain.

Psychology of adultery- This is a deep abyss, to understand which is very, very difficult. It happens that even people who once loved each other have lost mutual respect, trust and understanding. Life, routine, lack of material well-being brought the relationship to a critical point, and constant quarrels accumulated in a mountain of insults and conflicts. It was then that most often there are betrayals, and on both sides.Mutual dissatisfaction in terms of sex, household chores and other things over time pushes for treason.

In addition, physical betrayal does not mean that a man fell in love with his mistress. Many of the legitimate spouses relate to their passions purely for consumer reasons, continuing to feel love for their legitimate wives.

Even in the most passionate period of relations with his wife, a husband can go "left" due to intoxication, lack of spiritual values ​​in terms of family, etc. So thatyes, a loving husband can change, this opinion is not only psychologists, but also the statistics of a vast everyday experience.


Video: Do ​​all husbands change?

Do not rush to implicitly blame her husband for treason with or without. Perhaps he just decided to make a novelty of your intimate life with him, or was overworked at work. Maybe he has sympathy on his side, which will soon subside. And the scandal will lead to a comparison of a quarrelsome wife with a cute stranger. And believe me, this is not in your favor. Get rid of this paranoia, become more confident in yourself. Without weighty evidence of her husband’s treason, try to get close to him and make emotional contact.

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How to check if a husband is cheating: the main signs of adultery, and folk ways to find out if her husband was cheating 29

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