How to care for a beard?

Recently, men have increasingly becomegrow a mustache and beard. In this connection, the question arises as to how to look after a beard. It is worth noting that caring for the beard does not take much time and it's quite a simple job.

Rules of caring for a beard

If you want to learn how to properly care for your beard, then you must adhere to several rules.

Haircut of a beard

It's no secret that the beard cutting -the main stage in caring for her. In order for the beard to look well-groomed, it should be cut in different directions, but keeping the same length. You can trim your beard with scissors, a shaving machine and even an ordinary razor. Each man chooses a device that is convenient for him.

Decoration of a beard

The beard will look neater if youpodbreete some parts of the face, neck. If your beard is not long and you shave your hair around your neck, you need to trim your beard up to this level (shaved hair around your neck). In the case when a man has a medium-sized beard, then combs with small teeth are used as an auxiliary element for cutting. The hair of the beard is pulled parallel to the neck and the cut off part is cut off.


It is worth noting that, like hair on the head,The beard must be well maintained and kept clean. It is advisable to wash the beard after each meal. If you can not do this, then you need to check if the hairs or other food products (mayonnaise, ketchup) are caught on the hairs. After washing, you should dry your beard well, as otherwise water from them will drip onto your clothes.

Means for the beard

Beard will look better if you usespecial means for caring for it (for example, a means for growing a beard can be purchased at a cosmetics store). You can also use cosmetic oils (almond oil, jojoba oil and avocado) or special male beard oils. It should be noted that good quality oil also prevents the formation of dandruff on the beard (which is important for owners of a long beard). Those places that you trim, should be handled after shaving. If you also have a mustache, then they can be fixed in the desired position with the help of a wax for styling.


  • When choosing a means for caring for a beard, pay attention to its smell: it should not be very sharp or radically different from the perfume that you use in everyday life.
  • In the case of a cut, the wound should be treated with a disinfectant to prevent the infection from getting inside.

Following our rules, you can learn to look after your beard, but this requires a little effort, because a sloppy beard does not paint a man.

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