How to build a flat roof

September 22, 2018
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A flat roof is most often understood as such a roofing device, which is made of reinforced concrete structures in a horizontal plane with a cement screed on them. The final coating from are usually several layers of roofing material laid on bitumen or special bitumen mastic. This solution provides reliable leak protection for the long term. In addition, other technical solutions for flat roofs are possible. For this, various roofing materials are used. Features of the arrangement of flat roofs consider in this article.

How to build a flat roof


On the fixed rafters make crate. This part of the roof system depends on the choice of roofing material. The crate step is chosen so that the roofing material reliably protects the house from rain and snow, as well as to make it (material) convenient to mount.

Continuous crate is made, for example, for sheet steel, soft bitumen, copper sheet or flat asbestos-cement slate.Under these materials better than traditional boards fit solid sheets of plywood or oriented - particle board (OSB).

A thin film of waterproofing is attached to the crate. It works only in one direction: it lets in steam from inside, but does not let moisture in.

Как построить плоскую крышу

If the slope of the roof is minimal and is in the range of 10 to 22 degrees, another layer of modified material should be put on the waterproofing.

When you plan to build a gazebo on the roof, make a terrace, break a flower garden or use it in any other way, the installation of a wooden truss structure should be abandoned. In order for the roof to withstand the burden of constant visits and additional structures, it is necessary to install a ceiling of a reliable reinforced concrete slab or ceiling panel.

Where to start and how to fix

It is customary to begin the installation of roofing materials from the bottom right corner. First, the first bottom row is laid, and then they proceed in the same way to the second, without forgetting about the overlap.

Roof tiles made of bitumen are fixed simultaneously with glue and nails.

A completely different method of attachment is used when the roof is tiled with sand and cement. Here they use special locks, screws and clamps.

Как построить плоскую крышу

Sheet materials, for example, roofing iron, have their own special method of fastening. Between themselves, the individual sheets are connected by folding.

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