How to add a font

In this article I would like to tell you howadd a new font to your computer. I will say right away, it's very simple. But, like most "things" in Windows, there are tricks. The emphasis will be on them. Also it will be told about different methods of installation.

So, let's begin. Perhaps you are thinking: "How can I add a font to Photoshop?". This is not entirely correct. Since it should not be added to any program, for example, Photoshop, Office and others, but into the operating system. Installing a new set, it will automatically be in all programs that use the text panel.

How to add a font: an easy way.

This method is used by almost 100% of users who are generally able to establish a new set of texts.

We go to the system disk. In most cases, this is drive C. Moving to the Windows folder. Then find the directory Fonts. We go in it. Now you are in the right folder.

Now we need to find those new files that youwant to install. Open the Fonts folder. Select all the files, or just some, you want to install. Then copy or cut them into the clipboard.

You can do this by pressing the keyboard shortcut"Ctrl + C" or "Ctrl + X". If you are so difficult, then you can do otherwise. After you have selected the necessary files, right click with the mouse, and in the menu that appears, select copy / cut.

Next, open the window where we are in the folderFonts, and paste the contents of the buffer. You can do this using the shortcut "Ctrl + V". Or by using the right-click menu. Now click on the "paste".

You will start the installation. If some kits already exist, the installation wizard will ask you whether to replace them or not.

How to add a font: another way.

This method was in the operating system Windows XP, and at 7 it no longer exists. You could go to the Fonts folder and click Add / Load a new palette, and then specify their location.

What is good about this method? Files were not copied to the system folder, but Windows was used from the place where they are stored.

For example, you want to install fonts for 2 GB.Using the first method, you will have 2 GB of work in the Fonts folder, and somewhere else where they are stored, or rather, where you copied them. And using this method, you will not have additional loss of disk space.

How to add a font: a more meaningful way.

There is also another method of installation.It can be called more meaningful and correct. To do this, we need a program that can display fonts. For example, "ACDSee Pro". With this program you can view the palettes, more precisely, how they look. What is it for? It's because many of the text strokes are very similar, and they can hardly be distinguished. And many of you will not even use it, because you will not like them.

Using this program, you can chooseexactly those fonts that you like and that do not repeat. Create two folders. In the first there will be everything that you have, and in the second there will be those that you choose. Then install only those that you have chosen.

It will be much better and more convenient in the future. Why? We read further.

How to add a font: possible consequences.

Perhaps you have seen on the Internet, and have already downloadeda whole assembly that weighs several gigabytes. Well, for what? Installing a whole bunch of fonts will slow down the work of programs that use a text panel.

Due to the fact that when activating the writing paneltext, the program starts to read all the palettes that are registered in the operating system. The program at this point will hang, because you will have a lot of data. And it will be in this state, until the entire list is fully loaded. And so it will be every time.

You need it? Install only those fonts that you need and which you will use. Do not clog the system.

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