How much is a "smart home"?

March 11, 2018
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Of course, you have already heard about the “smart home” more than once and, finally, decided to seriously address this issue. How much will a “smart home” cost? How much will you have to pay for the full automation of the system that manages security and communications? There is no definite relationship between the cost of installing the system and the floor space. Buy real estate of this kind in our time is not uncommon and the demand for it is constantly growing.

How much is a "smart home"?

The price of a smart home is determined by several factors (such as design, materials and equipment brand, installation). But it will always depend only on your wishes - think over which functions of the system are important for you. Perhaps you will have enough control of the light, and maybe you always dreamed of a control system for all communications.

But remember that a house can not be smart a little bit. And, of course, it is worth determining exactly how much you are willing to spend, ensuring a safe and comfortable standard of living for yourself and your family.On average, the price of a smart home for a 3-room apartment varies from 10 to 50 thousand dollars. The amount is, of course, rather big, but after all, the cost of household appliances, furniture and finishing materials during repair flows into large sums. Since the price of a smart home mostly consists of the cost of equipment, the main thing is to choose the right equipment.

How much is a "smart home"?

To avoid unpleasant surprises during installation, it is better to think over the project in advance and then not to make adjustments to save or because you "change your mind." And then all the work will be completed on time. The cost of installing a smart home system can be considered in terms of investments in convenience and safety. And, of course, further savings. Lack of bulbs for days lit or air conditioning, which does not cool the street when the window is open, will significantly save on electricity. In your absence at home, the system itself will lower the temperature.

A saving of 6% is achieved by a decrease of only 1 ° C. You forget about the cost of repairs due to accidental accidents. For example, upon detecting a leakage, the system will shut off the water supply, which will save you from damaged ceilings and parquet floors below.And household appliances in the leakage area will be automatically de-energized.

How much is a "smart home"?

Having considered all these factors, you will understand that the price of a smart home is not so high. And investing your investment is quite payable. It is estimated that the payback period of the “smart home” project in Europe is about 3 years.

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