How best to equip a bathroom

July 19, 2018
Renovation of apartments

Getting a new apartment, we observe monotonous and dull rooms. And what your apartment will look like in the future depends largely on what type of decoration you choose. Bathroom decoration is no exception. Most often in the decoration of the bathroom tiles are used. It is hygienic, moisture resistant, durable and has a different range of colors and patterns. But even using ordinary tiles, you can give your bathroom a special personality.

How best to equip a bathroom

Even with a minimum area of ​​the bathroom, you can try to lay out the bathroom walls with various ornaments or drawings with different sea or river motifs.

Harmonious combination

But, and if we have a large and spacious bathroom, but we can give free rein to our fantasy. You can apply different types of finishes. But at the same time, one should not forget about other accessories of the shower room - from, bathtubs, sinks, tables, mirrors. Everything must be in harmony and complement each other.It is worth noting that showers are becoming more and more popular every year, and the variety of models can simply be dumbfounded and pleasantly surprised.

Как лучше оборудовать ванную комнату

1. Classic style. He intends to create the impression of rigor and brevity. In this case, usually taken a tile of two shades of dark and light. Dark tiles we are covering the bottom of the bathroom. On the upper part there is a tile of light tones. Between these layers, you can make the transition, and diversify it with different patterns, or put curb tiles.

Finish styles

1. Geometric style of finishing. When laying tiles use different geometric shapes. It is desirable to pick up warm and pastel colors. It is better to carry out such finishing on some separate sites. A common background to make monophonic, but not to get disharmony.

3. Finishing in photoprint style. Photographic images of natural or architectural landscapes are superimposed on the tile.

4. Ethnic style. The decoration uses elements of other cultures and ethnic groups. In laying tile you can use Oriental or African patterns.

5. Antique finish.Looks good in spacious bathrooms. The tile is artificially aged. This is a common background. It looks very original antique elements of decoration. This is a very popular type of finish.

Как лучше оборудовать ванную комнату

What style you choose in the decoration of the bathroom, is largely determined by your desires and preferences. But remember that at least in some separate features it should coincide with the decoration of other rooms of the apartment.

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