Hot trends: what to wear in spring and summer 2017

New fashion season is always exciting time for every woman. Even for the one that is sure that she does not want to look fashionable. In fact, it is not surprising that people want to follow current trends. It only speaks of the desire to live, keeping your hand on the pulse of time.

So today's article will definitely be interesting for many! We will talk about what will bringSpring-Summer 2017in our wardrobe. Let's start?

Tropical prints

Summer, of course, is associated with heat, sea, sun, exotic countries. This summer we will be able to enjoy not only the hot sun, but also the manifestations of these moods in prints.

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Even in the city office, you will feel the spirit of travel if you choose a palm leaf blouse or a skirt decorated with a pattern of vines. And if you go to the south, to the sea, then you should definitely buy a swimsuit or a beautiful sundress with a bright tropical pattern.

Denim style

Denim has long ceased to be an ordinary material. A whole style grew around him: simple, democratic, discreet, but at the same time refined, with laconic elegance and easy freedom of lines. This season, you can be inspired by denim style and choose for yourself several things from denim. They can be worn individually or combined with each other.

fashion trends for 2017

Aerobatics - to add images with things similar in color and texture, but from other materials. Fortunately, the range of modern fabrics makes it easy to pick up a bow.


In hot weather, many will like the fashion for a free cut and oversize. On the catwalks and in the lookbooks of designers, you can see wide blouses resembling men's shirts, and also light flying dresses with straps, loose tops and sail pants.

In general, wide trouser legs for the third season are surely keeping in the top of world tendencies and are absolutely not going to leave this pedestal. The same applies to jeans: the “boyfriend” style, which was somewhat sidelined last year, is now again at the forefront of fashion trends.

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On cool evenings, a free overcoat or oversized sweater will be a good find for your wardrobe.It can be thrown over any clothing, and it will emphasize the fragility and femininity of the forms. And these things feel great in multi-layered ensembles, which this season have not lost their popularity.

Time contrasts

Another actual decision that came back to us just a year later is a dress with sneakers. In general, with sneakers now you can wear anything at all. The most striking option is to combine the "incompatible", wear feminine lace dresses for youth sneakers with colorful prints.

spring summer 2017 fashion trends

If you doubt that you can combine such capricious details in one image, push off the laconicism of forms and blossoms. For example, pick up classic white sneakers for yourself and wear them with monophonic sundresses, trouser suits, shirt dress.

Geometry and Monochrome

Minimalistic solutions won their place on the fashionable Olympus a few seasons ago. And they obviously will not soon leave this peak. If you want to look stylish and fashionable, but prefer severity and simplicity, just choose for yourself minimalism.

If you think that minimalism should be completely devoid of prints, then we hasten to convince you.The cage and the strip may well be revealed in a concise and sophisticated minimalism. For example, in this case, fine lines and a monochrome color solution will play into your hands. Such a thing can become a contrasting accent or strengthen the total bow, so beloved by the fans of minimalist style.

2017 spring summer fashion

However, the geometric prints in the spring-summer 2017 season are not limited to minimalistic patterns. Large and bright geometric patterns will appeal to passionate and strong women who love attention and compliments. In addition, they make it very easy to form a beautiful silhouette, just putting the lines on the figure correctly.

Sand beach

This summer is the time of all shades of sand. The good news is that there are an incredible amount of these shades, so you are sure to find the right ones for you. Sand pants, beige skirts, terracotta dresses - all this will find a place in your wardrobe.

fashion dresses for the summer

Aerobatics - to combine in the image of several light brown colors, very close. In combination with each other, they will manifest themselves in a completely new way, very bright and deep. And your outfit will look juicy, stylish and sunny.Such is the hot and relaxed elegance.

Pastel East

The East Asian theme received a new development in the spring-summer season of 2017. At this time, the emphasis should be on Japanese and Thai motifs, but at the same time focus on pastel shades, soft fabrics and silhouettes, delicate prints.

To create an original Japanese-style look, you can complement your favorite trousers with a shirt-dress, put a soft-colored tent (cream, pink-gray) over your shoulders and pick up a belt at the waist. Mood will strengthen shoes on a flat course, platform or a steady heel.

It is worth making a small digression and talk about hairstyle and make-up. Make-up can be made natural. For ceremonial occasions classic arrows or red lipstick are well suited. But the hairstyle should be as simple as possible: a bun, a low tail, etc. So you maximize the mysterious oriental impression.

Openwork and watercolor

Spring-Summer 2017

Speaking of prints and textures, you should definitely mention the romantic mood of this season. At fashion shows, you could see models in powder and cream lace - light, thin, almost weightless.These openwork things are very multifaceted. A lace short smoky dress can be a great solution for a tender bride. The other girl would prefer to wear it with sneakers and go to a crazy party like that - and it will be just as amazing! Whatever your character, airy laces of 2017 will enrich your wardrobe.

Tenderness and femininity is manifested not only in lace and textures (organza, beadwork, etc.), but also in prints. Of particular popularity were watercolor patterns, graphics in the style of an ink drawing, as well as ornaments resembling oil painting. This season, designers have clearly decided to add some art to our lives. Well, thanks to them for this, we will be inspired by the works of great masters!

Pop Art and Shocking

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It would be a crime not to mention bright and outrageous prints: comic, pop-art, modern. In the summer you can properly break away and afford a little crazy drawings. Just be careful. Your image should look ironic, not just ridiculous. Practice at home, try on a few options. Talk to a friend you trust.

If you can’t tame a screaming print, it’s better to postpone this idea and think about the layout of the dress again.

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