Horoscope for the Tiger for 2018: woman and man

In 2018, the usual rhythm of life that was familiar to the Tigers was replaced by a measured, calm pace. You will be grateful to the Yellow Dog for the opportunity to take care of themselves, to do something that always lacked time.

You can not only have a good rest, but also spend this year with benefit for your body and soul, gain strength in a long rest and, at the same time, strengthen your position in business and financial spheres.

Successful achievement of such a goal guarantees you a horoscope for the Tiger for 2018.

What should be the Tiger in 2018

Tigers are people strong, powerful, courageous, sharp, impulsive, bright in their manifestations. At the same time, they can be picky, vindictive, indecisive and easily vulnerable. What qualities need to be shown for one hundred percent, and from which it is worth getting rid of?

First of all, in personal, family and love relationships, the Tigers are extremely necessary to show tenderness, delicacy, softness.Without a passion in love, Tigers cannot live in any way, but it must be without pressure and aggression. Then your emotional manifestations will delight your half, as well as the character of the year.

horoscope woman tiger

Be generous this year. Yellow Dog appreciates this quality in people. Help those who really need. Especially support financially those who helped you out more than once.

Pay attention to health. You are too vulnerable in 2018. A banal draft will be enough for you to come down with bronchitis. Therefore, take care of good nutrition, dress warmly during the cold season, do not overdo it. And the Yellow Dog will take care of your valuable rest.

Horoscope for the Fire Tiger for 2018

Compared to the Tigers of other elements, you will have to rest the least. Most of the year you devote your career.

It all starts with the change of profession, after which will take off rapidly. Events unfold so unexpectedly and paradoxically that you will need to be actively involved in the process.

horoscope man tiger

You will show yourself as a leader, a serious leader, which even your competitors will be reckoned with. Coming successful time, productive and creative.

The Fire Tiger is very difficult to tame. You are the most freedom-loving nature of all the Tigers. The maximum that you can accept is a civil marriage. But note that the 2018 character is set to marry everyone. And this fate is not a blowjob for you, because a baby will appear in your pair.

In connection with such events, the Fire Tigers will be fine with finances. They will be attracted without your participation, but you will earn the capital yourself.

Horoscope for Water Tiger for 2018

Tigers of this element will be overwhelmed with great ideas. All realize, of course, fail, so turn on your rational calculation and intuition. But the main landmark - what is the soul. Make a choice, determine your idea and become a favorite business and a source of good income.

what awaits the tiger in the year of the dog

Women and men born in the Year of the Water Tigger tend to lead by the nose in a love relationship, twist the intrigue and go on two fronts. This year the Yellow Dog will deprive you of such pleasure.

Your companions and companions will not wait until you play enough. They will put you before the fact - or a wedding, or goodbye for ever. It is clear that if you have sincere feelings and cherish a person, then grab him and run to the registrar.

This year you will have many new acquaintances.Some of them will grow into friendships. But this does not mean that you can forget about old friends and partners. It is proven, dear to you people fill your life with joy and confidence in the future.

Wooden Horoscope for 2018

chinese horoscope tiger

The tigers of the elements of the tree have incredible charm and charisma. Therefore, it is always easy for them to make connections, to agree, to win over anyone, even a malicious opponent.

The horoscope for 2018 advises to reinforce these qualities with responsibility, pragmatism and a sense of proportion. Then your business will develop by leaps and bounds.

But in love affairs you can not restrain yourself. It’s incredibly fun to spend time with you. You like the fragrance you want to enjoy forever. Therefore, cute Tigers wait for a marriage proposal in 2018, and courageous Tigers - hints of the same.

In the Year of the Yellow Dog you should pamper yourself. Do what you like. It does not matter whether it will be shopping, visiting the theater or painting the fence on the beloved cottage. The main thing that you have a good mood and a sense of satisfaction.

Horoscope for the Earth Tiger for 2018

tiger according to the eastern horoscope

The Ground Dog and the Ground Tiger will always find a common language. And how else, because these two signs are united by one element.

The Earth Tiger, like the mistress of the year, always takes a responsible approach to business, is fair in judgments, balanced in emotions and actions. Therefore, such people are trusted and entrusted with important matters. This year will not be an exception.

You will receive a responsible and interesting job, and with it will increase the credibility of colleagues and leadership. It is very important for you to be in the spotlight and have an excellent reputation. With this you will be more than favored by the Dog. The main thing is not to dive headlong into your success and not completely surrender to work.

horoscope for 2018

Several times during the year you will have the opportunity to go to rest. Do not deny yourself this. Even if you were already at the seaside resort, it would be very useful for you to be there again, or even two.

Earth Tiger patronizes planet Venus. In 2018, you take the opposite step, from hatred of love. And the person to whom you are kindled, will be from the past. Then you were about him is not the best opinion. “Who would have thought? !!” - you tell yourself now.

Metal Tiger Horoscope for 2018

The only requirement that the Earth Dog will present to the Tiger of the elements is metal, is to be softer and more patient. Yes, your character is not easy, and you often harm yourself.

Having a bright appearance and charm, you easily attract people to yourself, but the manifestations of rudeness, hot temper and impatience have a destructive effect on relationships with colleagues. In personal life for the same reason, too, everything is not going smoothly.

year of the dog for the tiger

You should listen to the horoscope and make maximum efforts in the work on yourself. Otherwise, you will not get the important and pleasant events that the hostess of 2018 prepared for you.

Metal tigers are usually easy to climb. It’s not a problem for them to cross the ocean several times a year. This year will be more than full of travel.

Wherever you go, you will be surrounded by interesting and benevolent people who will be fascinated and admired by you. And the reason for this is not only beauty and magnetism. Before your uncommon intelligence, wit, cheerful disposition it is difficult to resist, especially the opposite sex.

The financial sphere of metal tigers will survive one of the most profitable periods. It is important not to spend money on trivia.Invest your money in real estate, put it in interest at a bank, develop your business. In the future, large investments will bring big dividends.

Horoscope for the Tiger on the signs of the zodiac

Tiger - Aries

horoscope for 2018 aries tiger

This year it turns out that you will meet very influential people. The result will be a change of environment, new communication, new perspectives. This applies to business and business.

In love and friendship with you next, as before will be your dear halves and true friends.

Tiger - Taurus

horoscope for 2018 year Taurus tiger

Even the mistress of the year, Yellow Earth Dog will not be able to impede your initiative and pressure.

All year you will be commander in chief, at work and at home. You will perfectly cope with this role, achieve excellent results, and raise your authority even higher.

Tiger - Twins

horoscope 2018 tiger twins

The time for the implementation of long-conceived plans has come.

This year it is destined to happen to everything that you dream about, only with the fulfillment of one condition. You must carefully weigh and think about each act and each word.

Caution will be useful in business and relationships.

Tiger - Cancer

horoscope 2018 scorpion tiger

You will have a need for change. Start by changing your hairstyle and updating your wardrobe.

If this is not enough, then change jobs or change the scope of activities.

Of course, all this must be done with a clear understanding of necessity, and not for entertainment. Then everything goes as well as possible.

Tiger - Leo

lion and tiger horoscope

Take a look around, there is a person who will make you happy for a long time. Why are you all holding your head in the clouds and waiting for something?

But in financial matters your head is in place. Everything is going well, incomes are growing, business is getting stronger. This year will be the luckiest and most successful in the last few years.


horoscope for 2018 tiger maiden

What you have worked hard for, or have been looking for a long time, will come into your life in 2018. For some, it will be your home, for someone a long-awaited favorite work, and someone will part with their loneliness.

Many Virgos, as the horoscope says, will meet true love and legitimize relationships in the very year of the Dog.

Tiger - Libra

horoscope for 2018 year scales Tiger

You have long wanted to open a business, but could not find a reliable partner. In 2018, such a person will meet on your way, and you will start a successful business.

In your personal life, give up the tendency to confuse situations and weave intrigue. Only in this way can you always be in mutual understanding with loved ones and loved ones.

Tiger - Scorpio

horoscope 2018 scorpion tiger

You will overcome any difficulties if you exercise your main qualities to the fullest - self-confidence, fortitude and endurance.

You can relax only in love. And she, according to the prediction of the horoscope, will be with you in abundance throughout 2018.

Tiger - Sagittarius

Horoscope for the year of the Dogs Archer Tiger

You will need the support of the Yellow Dog. Too dangerous and insidious will be actions addressed to you by competitors.

The mistress of the year will not give you an offense, but you will be extremely vigilant. And the rest is waiting for you a favorable and successful year.

Tiger - Capricorn

horoscope for the year Dogs tiger ibex

Your trump card in the year of the Yellow Dog will be optimism. And a person who positively looks at life is always getting along.

You can easily achieve success in a field that is unfamiliar to you, but very interesting. There will be a lot of creativity, new acquaintances and unexpected proposals.

Tiger - Aquarius

Horoscope for the year of the Dogs Tiger Aquarius

For you, the horoscope for 2018 is ambiguous. On the one hand, you will need to do everything yourself, not counting on the help of others, and the symbol of the year as well.

On the other hand, all positive events will occur, as if by themselves, and not because of your efforts. In any case, the year is good for you, the love horoscope is especially favorable.

Tiger - Fish

horoscope 2018 fish tiger

The chief's chair will chase you all year. Think well before you sit in it. You are always lucky, if you like what you do.

In love, do not be so demanding and jealous. You do not knock the piles. More lightness, tenderness, playfulness. This will appreciate your half, and loving dog.

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